Shooting Stars Episode 2 Recap: Kim Young-dae Still Bullies Lee Sung-kyung For a 6 Year Old Mistake

Shooting Stars(별똥별) is a 2022 Korean Drama featuring Lee Sung-kyung, Kim Young-dae, Yoon Jong-hoon, Kim Yoon-hye, Park So-jin and Lee Jung-shin. The series is directed by Lee Soo-hyun and runs for 16 episodes. Shooting Stars Episode 2 has a runtime of 58 minutes and is titled The War of The Shooting Stars.

– Shooting Stars Episode 2 Recap contains spoilers –

Shooting Stars Episode 2 opens with Oh Han-byeol counselling actors about their career problems. Han-byeol is known to be eloquent and a good problem solver because of which even artists from other agencies come to get counselling from her. She is good at her job and no one but one person has a problem with her, Gong Tae-sung.

Tae-sung has returned from Africa and has been spending time at the office every day, instead of resting at home. On his first day back, he scolds Han-byeol for being 28 seconds late to work. He sits near her workplace the entire day and keeps on nagging her about her extra lunchtime, extra coffee breaks and lousy work. Han-byeol is tired of seeing him every day and wishes he would start going for shoots soon.

Shooting Stars Episode 2
Still from Shooting Stars Episode 2

The new member of the PR team, Hong Bo-in has made a mistake while sending out an article which is embarrassing for her but gives reminisce to her seniors. Tae-sung is sleeping in his recliner when Han-byeol shouts at Hong Bo-in for her mistake which wakes up Tae-sung. Tae-sung hears everything and tries to tell Han-byeol’s colleagues something about her but Hang-byeol drags him out of the office.

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Hong Bo-in and her seniors discuss over drinks whether Tae-sung and Han-byeol have some kind of special relationship. Bo-in thinks even though Tae-sung bullies Han-byeol, he seems to have affection for her. They cut out dating speculation when they remember that Han-byeol went on a blind date just a few days ago. They wonder if Tae-sung has a one-sided crush on her and that’s when their ex-team leader, Dae Soo joins them and he has a story to tell.

Shooting Stars Episode 2
Still from Shooting Stars Episode 2

When Han-byeol was a rookie in the PR team, she had made a typo in an article about Gong Tae-sung. As her seniors kept giving her work, Han-byeol messed up and sent out an article which said that Gong Tae-sung was impotent. Furthermore, she even answered a reporter’s call and told them that he was very healthy. Tae-sung was enraged and got into a big fight with Han-byeol in the office. Other staff had to finally barge into their argument when Tae-sung tried to unzip his pants to prove his potency to Han-byeol.

Shooting Stars Episode 2 Ending

A famous writer has been trying to cast Gong Tae-sung in her drama, ‘The World of Stars’ but Tae-sung refuses to accept it. It is a big project and a war starts among other managers to get their actors the role. They try to get in the good books of the writer by doing things that she likes. Han-byeol really wanted Tae-sung to do the role and he knew that.

Shooting Stars Episode 2
Still from Shooting Stars Episode 2

Tae-sung reads the script once again when he is home alone and asks Han-byeol why she wants him to do that role. She answers that she is curious how he would play that role. Tae-sung thinks she wants him to do that role because the script has a story similar to their real-life story. Hong Bo-in is a fan of Tae-sung and finds an article about his ex-girlfriend and she gets shocked to see Han-byeol and Tae-sung’s picture together.

Tae-sung and Han-byeol used to date each other and were a popular couple in college. When Tae-sung was in Africa, he waited every day for Han-byeol’s call but she never called him once. Why did they break up? And the reason why Tae-sung still tries to get Han-byeol’s attention by bullying her, is that he still likes her?

Shooting Stars Episode 2 Review

Shooting Stars Episode 2 shines with the arrival of Hallyu star Gong Tae-sung. His arrival brings a lot of comic scenes with him. He portrays the actor who has a godly image in the media but is very cold-hearted in real life. Kim Young-dae naturally shows off his charming side when needed and his crazy behaviour is hilarious to watch. Shooting Stars Episode 2 does well on the humour side and some scenes are sure to make you laugh your stomach out.

Shooting Stars is available to watch on Viki.

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In Shooting Stars Episode 2, Kim Young-dae shows off his charming side.

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In Shooting Stars Episode 2, Kim Young-dae shows off his charming side.Shooting Stars Episode 2 Recap: Kim Young-dae Still Bullies Lee Sung-kyung For a 6 Year Old Mistake