Shooting Stars Episode 2: Han-byul And Tae-sung’s Relationship is Beyond Just Colleagues

Most entertainment fans love to follow celebrities, their works and their personal lives to some point. What fans see or hear about their favourite celebrities is only what celebrities want them to know. Celebrities have their private lives as well and their personality might also differ on-screen and off-screen. Shooting Stars is a Korean drama that shows what goes on behind the scene of a celebrity’s life and the people responsible for making their successful career.

Shooting Stars features Lee Sung-kyung, Kim Young-dae, Yoon Jong-hoon, Kim Yoon-hye, Park So-jin and Lee Jung-shin in leading roles. Oh Han-byeol is a PR Agent in Starforce Entertainment and Gong Tae-sung is a successful and popular actor from her agency. However, Han-byeol does not seem to like Tae-sung much.

Shooting Stars Episode 2
Still from Shooting Stars Episode 2

Even though Han-byeol is busy with work, she is happy because she doesn’t have to face Tae-sung. Tae-sung is staying in Africa for a year for a charity event and he has an idea that Han-byeol has sent him there purposefully. Before leaving for Africa, Tae-sung goes close to Han-byul and whispers in her ear that he won’t leave her alone when he is back. He does that in front of the cameras and fans. From that, we can see that they have a close relationship, maybe romantic but that doesn’t look so from Han-byul’s side.

Han-byul gets irritated every time she sees Tae-sung and his face is literally everywhere- billboards, bus stands, soda can, mall, stores and more. She can’t even listen to the radio or watch TV peacefully as he will appear there as well. Initially, she makes us feel like Tae-sung is a bad person with a nasty personality than his saintly personality shown on the TV but we get to see a picture of Han-byul and Tae-sung that changes our outlook on their relationship. Han-byul finds a picture of her and Tae-sung making a heart together with their hands and throws it in the dustbin.

Shooting Stars Episode 2
Still from Shooting Stars Episode 2

Tae-sung also has come back from Africa and when a reporter asks him what he would like to do most after returning, he thinks of Han-byul. As romantic as it looks, it is not. Han-byul’s nightmare Tae-sung has returned to the office and we find out why Han-byul was so happy in his absence. Tae-sung starts bullying Han-byul as soon as she arrives. He starts doting and pestering her for her every little activity, so much that her colleagues start questioning their relationship.

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Tae-sung bullies Han-byul and she doesn’t say a word against it because of a big mistake she did six years ago. Han-byul thinks it is time for Tae-sung to let go of that grudge but Tae-sung doesn’t think so. When Han-byul whines about it to her senior, Kang Yoo-sung, he tells her a secret. Six years ago, Han-byul could have lost her job but Tae-sung told her boss to let it pass and Yoo-sung also knows that Tae-sung always looks after Han-byul even if he bullies her.

Shooting Stars Episode 2
Still from Shooting Stars Episode 2

At the end of Shooting Stars Episode 2, Hong Bo-in, Han-byul’s junior finds an article about Tae-sung’s ex-girlfriend. In that article, the same picture that Han-byul threw in the dustbin is posted and the article says that Tae-sung and his ex-girlfriend used to be a popular couple in their university. However, it is not confirmed yet by Han-byul and Tae-sung.

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If the news of Han-byul and Tae-sung being an ex-couple is true, it will explain why Tae-sung waited for her call or letter every day when he was in Africa and why he was happy with just a glimpse of her. Tae-sung carries a picture of him and Han-byul with him which confirms their special relationship but did they really date each other or has it always been a one-sided crush from Tae-sung’s side? And if they did date, what was the reason behind their breakup? Hopefully, we will get answers soon.

Shooting Stars is available to watch on Viki.

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