Shooting Stars Episode 14 Recap: Tae-sung’s Anti-fan Surrenders Himself

Shooting Stars(별똥별) is a 2022 Korean Drama featuring Lee Sung-kyung, Kim Young-dae, Yoon Jong-hoon, Kim Yoon-hye, Park So-jin and Lee Jung-shin. The series is directed by Lee Soo-hyun and runs for 16 episodes. Shooting Stars Episode 14 has a runtime of 60 minutes and is titled Back Then…If I…

– Shooting Stars Episode 14 Recap contains spoilers –

In Shooting Stars Episode 14, every employee in Starforce Entertainment is wearing black attire in the memory of late actor Lee Yoon Woo. The incident was tragic and everyone still mourns his loss. People close to him suffered the most for not understanding that he was going through a hard time and for not being with him, which might have stopped him from taking his own life. Tae-sung was his closest friend but couldn’t be there for him either.

Shooting Stars Episode 14
Still from Shooting Stars Episode 14

Lee Yoon Woo had joined Starforce Entertainment before Tae-sung and he had welcomed Tae-sung with a bright smile on his face when they became roommates. Tae-sung didn’t like him initially because of his energy. He believed Yoon Woo was happy because he had a supportive family but turns out that Yoon Woo’s family is only supporting him for his money. Yoon Woo has been working before he became an actor to provide for his family. This became an ice-breaker and Tae-sung and Yoon Woo bonded over their family issues.

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Coincidentally, all the employees of Starforce Entertainment have gathered at the Organic Cafe run by Yoon Woo’s manager, Gwi-nong who quit after his death. Tae-sung wants to meet Gwi-nong but is afraid to go hence Do Soo-hyuk follows him to the cafe. However, he couldn’t talk to Gwi-nong because of everyone. Ki-ppeum leaves the cafe since it has become an office dinner and Soo-hyuk follows. She cries to him because she had interviewed Yoon Woo the day before he died and cannot help but think if she did something wrong.

Shooting Stars Episode 14
Still from Shooting Stars Episode 14

After the party, Tae-sung goes back to Gwi-nong alone and shows him the red envelope. He tells him that he knows that Gwi-nong sends him the letters. He understands his pain but he is not the only one suffering. His boss, Han-byul, Ki-ppeum, himself and many others who could have saved him wonder if they did something wrong. The next day, the PR team finds out that Gwi-nong is the anti-fan but he has already surrendered and agreed to all of his hate crimes. However, Tae-sung has decided not to punish him.

Shooting Stars Episode 14 Ending

Han-byul’s boss has noticed a change in Tae-sung’s behaviour and has also heard the same from other people. More because he is always on his phone whenever he gets a break from the shoot. He is sure that Tae-sung is dating someone and asks Han-byul if she knows who it is. She denies it to be the case and leaves the room. She was about to text Tae-sung to not come to the office when he hugs her from behind and their boss watches them.

Shooting Stars OST: How I Feel By Kim Jae-hwan

Shooting Stars Episode 14 Review

Shooting Stars Episode 14 shows that people who often look unkind when it comes to treating the artists like managers, reporters, directors or anyone in the show business, also have emotional attachments. No one can bear if someone they knew takes their own life. They keep on asking themselves if their mistake caused someone to take such an extreme action but there is no one to answer.

Shooting Stars Episode 14 is available to watch on Viki.

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In Shooting Stars Episode 14, the anti-fan turns out to be someone close to Tae-sung.

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Shooting Stars Episode 14 Recap: Tae-sung's Anti-fan Surrenders HimselfIn Shooting Stars Episode 14, the anti-fan turns out to be someone close to Tae-sung.