Shooting Stars Episode 2: An Insight Into Unglamorous Side Of The Entertainment Industry

Shooting Stars is off to a good start and its chaotic story is being loved by the fans. The story follows the lives of the celebrities and the people working around them in a hectic work environment. This drama series features Lee Sung-kyung, Kim Young-dae, Yoon Jong-hoon, Kim Yoon-hye, Park So-jin and Lee Jung-shin in the main roles.

Shooting Stars Episode 1
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In Shooting Stars, Oh Han-byeol is a PR Agent who helps actors find a good project, listen to their concerns and clean up after their mess. Basically, she creates and maintains the image of a celebrity in the media. Han-byeol is good at her job, she has an eye for a good script and also for good actors. She has insights into everyone in the industry and knows what kind of person a celebrity really is. However, given the amount of work and kind of work she does, she barely gets time for herself.

Han-byeol has to pick up calls at any time of the day. She can be on a blind date or a medical checkup or sleeping at times, but the calls won’t stop. Sometimes it is a celebrity with some concerns or sometimes it is her colleague who calls for an urgent situation. In Korea, even small issues become a scandal for celebrities. A man and a woman hanging out with each other become a dating scandal. Not a gossip but a scandal that damages a celebrity’s image and Han-byeol has to write press releases to do the damage control.

Shooting Stars Episode 1
Still from Shooting Stars

Gong Tae-sung is an extremely popular actor in Korea and globally as well. He has an image of a kind person who treats everyone with respect and is known as one with a bright personality, in the media. However, he is very different behind the camera. Tae-sung does not talk much with people let alone have a bright personality. His volunteer work in Africa which was appreciated by the Korean media was also a part of the PR activity planned by Han-byeol. Tae-sung’s manager ran his car into a commercial board with Tae-sung’s face on it and quit the job because Tae-sung never even smiled at him and made him feel non-existent.

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Most of the newbies quit their job in an entertainment company because of the workload. The same is the case for a reporter who has to release the breaking news of a celebrity scandal even though they don’t like it. Reporters have to face the fake personalities of the celebrities the most. Jo Gi-ppeum is a reporter who is always exhausted because of the work. Her name means Happiness but she never looks happy. She gets a chance to interview a singer called Happy and she is overwhelmed by the singer’s bright personality.

Shooting Stars Episode 2
Still from Shooting Stars

The singer happy greets everyone in Gi-ppeum’s office with her ‘Happy Beam’ which is nothing but a part of her promotion. She tells Gi-ppeum that she looks exactly the opposite of her name and promises to text her a ‘Happy Beam’ every morning so that she will feel happy. After the interview, Happy disappears but Gi-ppeum finds her behind a bush and smoking a cigarette.

Happy is talking to a friend complaining about her stage name Happy and how she has to change her voice and personality to sound and look like a cute child. When Happy gets a call from her boss, she immediately changes back to her fake voice and talks politely. Gi-ppeum is delighted to see this because she found Happy’s happiness overwhelming but turns out it is only a show.

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The entertainment industry and celebrity life look fascinating from the outside but so many things that go on inside say otherwise. Celebrities are just colleagues to people who work with them and they know the celebrities beyond their glamourous image in media. Someone who has a godly image in media can be really evil person and only people who work with them know about it. The fans and the general people hardly know the true life of the celebrities. Shooting Stars brings forth this unglamorous side of the entertainment industry in a humorous way.

Shooting Stars is available to watch on Viki.

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