Shark Beach With Chris Hemsworth Review: Uninformative But Humane

Shark Beach with Chris Hemsworth is not deep but one of the most humanely made documentaries that do not focus on the dangers of sharks but the dangers on sharks. Directed by Sally Aitken and written by Benjamin Grayson, this Chris Hemsworth-led documentary sneaks us into the coastal regions of Australia to help us understand sharks.

Shark Beach With Chris Hemsworth Review Has Spoilers

Understanding the Creatures

The documentary aims to educate us about the well being and lifestyle of sharks. It also shows us how this species is endangered and moving closer to the shores. In fact, one of the biggest focuses of the show is the increase in shark activities along the shores of Australia.

Chris Hemsworth, through Shark Beach with Chris Hemsworth, tries to help us understand why the sharks are swimming closer to the place of human activity. Through a series of discussions, we realize that the rate at which global warming has increased has led to the currents, where the sharks swim, turn warmer.

We also understand sharks which are always represented on screen alarmingly in a rather unkind manner. A scene featuring Chris Hemsworth’s encounter with the Great Nurse Sharks show us how sharks like them are easygoing and harmless. For the most part, the documentary tries to make us see how sharks aren’t in fact predators. Valerie Taylor who is a well-known conservationist and filmmaker who has worked closely with sharks educate us about how the creatures don’t feed on human flesh but do bite to understand what is their food and what is not.

Chris Hemsworth also explores the tricky relationship between sharks and humans and the possibility of coexisting. “An ocean with sharks is more dangerous”, Chris once mentions in the documentary and that is the core truth of our ecology and nature.

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The Key To Coexisting

The advancement in our technology and the encouragement in using that technology for the benefit of the environment is something that is reflected in the show. Shark Beach lets you see what goes on beyond the coastal lines.

We get to see how the use of drum lines have evolved over the years in Shark Beach with Chris Hemsworth. The traditional drumlines that were fatal to the sharks are no longer in use and are replaced by what is called “Smart Drumlines.” These drumlines help detect a shark that further engages people into covering the data of that particular shark and keep a track of a decade or so.

Sharks and Swimmers 2
Shark Beach With Chris Hemsworth Review: Uninformative But Humane 7

Another very interesting gadget that Shark Beach with Chris Hemsworth shows us is the use of electrodes on surfboards to deflect sharks from attacking. Sharks are creatures with a sixth sense. They can detect electric fields through the help of their organ Ampullae of Lorenzini. Due to this even electrodes attach to a surfboard release current, which overwhelms the sharks’ sensory organs and it flinches away.

Statistically speaking, due to this there is a 60% chance of a person being saved from a shark bite.

The Big Names

Although Chris Hemsworth is the Thor of this show getting the spotlight, we do see some famous faces that we cannot not talk about. The show has onboard three-time world champion Mick Fanning who fought a shark during one of his events. We also get to see and listen to Valerie Taylor, who along with being a conservationist has contributed to the filming of the classic film franchise Jaws.

The Misleading Aspects

Shark Beach with Chris Hemsworth promises to uncover the behaviour of sharks and how they can coexist with humans. However, the information or the focus of the show is really not on that. We do get to look at sharks as majestic creatures who need to fear less , and be cared for more. But, the 45-minute long documentary is severely undercooked with you look at it from all the technical aspects.

Chris Hemsworth is flirty with his Australian accent and we do get to see his cute childhood pictures flashing on screen throughout the documentary. However, when it comes to a show that is by National Geographic Shark Beach with Chris Hemsworth is a letdown and not as informative as everyone would want it to be.

You can now watch Shark Beach with Chris Hemsworth on Disney Plus Hotstar.

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Shark Beach with Chris Hemsworth is one of the most humanely made documentaries that does not focus on the dangers of Sharks but the dangers on Sharks.

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