Shailene Woodley on Why She Signed Legal Drama The Mauritanian

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Hollywood actress Shailene Woodley has shared the reason she said yes to the film The Mauritanian.

The upcoming legal drama, based on true events, delves into the life of Mohamedou Ould Slahi, an innocent man captured by the US government. Imprisoned for years without trial at Guantanamo Bay, he finds unlikely allies in a defence attorney and her trusted associate.

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On what made her accept the role, Woodley said: “To have the opportunity to be part of this story that is so real and so true for a few individuals, specifically Mohamedou, and to get it out into the consciousness of so many Americans and people around the world, I felt like it was part of my responsibility as an actor.”

the mauritanian / shailene woodley

The film features Oscar winner Jodie Foster as defence attorney Nancy Hollander, while BAFTA nominee Woodley plays Teri Duncan, the associate.

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Recalling her interaction with the real-life Mohamedou, she said: “The first time I Skyped with him and his big smile came up, he said thank you for doing this movie and it just moved me so deeply because all I wanted to say to him was thank you for trusting us to breathe life into this in a cinematic way.”

The film also features Benedict Cumberbatch and Zachary Levi along with Tahar Rahim, who plays the titular part of Mohamedou Ould Slahi.

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The Mauritanian is set to release in India by PVR Pictures. It is also available for rent on Amazon.

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