Shah Rukh Khan Fans Come Out in Support of Aryan Khan, #WeStandWithSRK Trends

On October 2, Narcotics Central Bureau (NCB) conducted a raid on a cruise ship on the outskirts of Mumbai waters. Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan was on the cruise and was detained along with 7 others. As soon as the news came out, many people started trolling and abusing the father-son duo. A lot of distasteful tweets and memes were shared about them.

On Sunday evening, Aryan Khan’s case was taken to court in Mumbai. Lawyer Satish Maneshinde appeared as Aryan’s lawyer who told the court that his client was invited as a guest. Maneshinde said, “He did not have a ticket or a boarding pass, no allotted seat number or cabin. He reached the dock to board and the authorities screened him. His luggage along with that of his friends was also screened and nothing was found. He was neither found in possession, nor there is an admission of consumption, nor contact with any other person.”

After the hearing, Aryan Khan and Arbaaz Merchant and Munmun Dhamecha were sent to NCB custody till October 4. As soon as the news came out, hundreds of Twitter users extended their support to the superstar and his son. They started trending #WeStandWithSRK after various rumours against Aryan Khan were proven wrong.

One person wrote, “More good news came for Aryan Khan. NCB won’t seek further custody of him tomorrow. The efforts by haters to malign Shah Rukh Khan’s name through Aryan is getting wasted. #WeStandWithSRK #AryanKhan”.

“I don’t understand why someone would want to tarnish the reputation of the biggest star on this earth. Probably because they couldn’t do it directly to our beloved SRK they have now decided to get to him through his kids, that is not okay. #WeStandWithSRK,” tweeted another person.

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Check out the tweets in support for Aryan Khan and SRK:

Actor Pooja Bhatt also extended her support to the actor. She tweeted, “I stand in solidarity with you
@iamsrk Not that you need it. But I do. This too, shall pass.”

Meanwhile, after the court hearing, Salman Khan visited SRK’s house Mannat in Mumbai.

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