Sex Education to Potluck, September Releases That Deserve Your Attention!

The September month so far had some interesting releases. Many shows and movies have hit the various digital platforms, ranging from Money Heist to Sex Education Season 3 to What If. I had the opportunity to review few titles, some of which were excellent and others that were disappointing.

In this article, I will tell you some of my favourite September 2021 releases to date. The shows/movies that feature in the article are watched and review by me on Leisurebyte. So if you are looking for some good content to watch, the article might help.

From Sex Education to Dug Days, check out my favourite releases of this month:

Season 3 of Sex Education

On September 17, Netflix released the third season. With its storytelling, representation, and heartwarming moments, the series has once again nailed it.

Sex Education Season 3 Trailer still
Sex Education Still

You can read my full review here.

Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali are blood brothers.

The compelling Netflix documentary film gives us a look into the friendship and break-up of two powerful and fearless Black men in the twentieth century. The documentary highlights a lot about Malcolm and Muhammad, which not many might be aware of.

Read the full review here.

Still from Blood Brothers
Blood Brothers Still

Dug Days

Disney-Pixar’s sequel short series to Up movie was adorable AF. Watching Carl and Dug’s homely adventures after the film melt the heart. The series is available on Disney+.

Still from Dug Days
Sex Education to Potluck, September Releases That Deserve Your Attention! 7

You can read my review for the same here.

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What If…?

Marvel’s What If started streaming weekly episodes from August 10. So far, they have released 6 episodes, and my most favourite one has been Episode 4 – What If… Doctor Strange Lost His Heart And Not His Hands. The episode is dark, has given depth to the characters and meaning to their actions.

What If Episode 4 still
What If Episode 4 still

You can read the review here.

Money Heist Season 5 Vol 1

On September 3, the first half of the Money Heist finale, also known as the La Casa de Papel finale, was released. The season is jam-packed with action and thrills.

Money Heist still
La Casa de Papel still

Read my LCDP review here.


Sony Liv’s Potluck was the most appealing of the few Indian films I saw this month. The delightful family drama, in which food serves as a vehicle for expressing affectionate emotions, is well worth your time.

Potluck still 1
Potluck Still

Take a look at my review.

So far in September, these are some of my favourite releases. My other favourites are the weekly releases like Monsters at Work (now over,) Turner and Hooch and Explained.

Please let us know what you enjoyed watching the best in the comments section.

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