SEVENTEEN’s Woozi’s Ruby Music Video Review: Get Ready to Turn Red!

SEVENTEEN’s Woozi has released his first solo mixtape ‘Ruby’ talking about a ‘forbidden fruit’ and a love story gone wrong. With neon loud visuals and catchy lyrics, the music video for the song is in English and definitely has all the beats you want to hop onto! The fans who have been wrecking their minds wondering if SVT will disband or not can put their minds to ease with this solo that promises more musical endeavours from the members, even if the band no longer remains functional. The chances of the band breaking, however, are less.

SEVENTEEN consists of 13 band members with Woozi being the stage name for band member Lee Ji-hoon. The artist’s first mixtape solo has received much fanfare. The song has a strong orchestral hold and the open scenes are truly impressive with rather unique cinematography that swirls in between giving us landscape views.

‘Ruby’ voices out a forbidden romance gone wrong and uses metaphors like ‘forbidden fruit’ to address the love interest’s presence. The video is charming as well as light with the lyrics boldly echoing thoughts one possibly goes through after a romance gone wrong.

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The set designs and costumes are stellar too with vivid lighting that makes it hard to take your eyes away from the chic video.

Check out Woozi’s ‘Ruby’ Music Video below:

You can listen to the song by SEVENTEEN’s Woozi now available on music streaming platforms like iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and SoundCloud. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below on how you liked the song and the music video!

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SEVENTEEN's Woozi's new music video Ruby is a spectacle to behold.


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