Seven TV shows to Binge-Watch this Quarantine Season

With the nationwide lockdown in full swing, things might get a bit repetitive, considering going out is a big no-no. With that in mind, we have a list of binge-worthy TV shows, starting from Netflix to Amazon Prime, which will definitely help you get over the self-isolation blues!

1. Money Heist Part 4 (Netflix)

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The popular Spanish TV show La Casa De Papel is back with a bang as its fourth season released last week on Netflix. If you haven’t started it yet, we would like to join the peer pressure gang just like everybody else on social media! The basic storyline remains the same as a group of dangerous criminals from around the world coming together for a heist. The gang is led by a “Professor”, one with the perfect plan depending on which they set out on the heist – unrolling action, thrill and mind games. Money Heist is the type of show, which, if you start once, you won’t be able to stop. And that is all the more reason why you shouldn’t miss it! You’ll understand why the show sparked a wave of enthusiasm around the world.

2. Brews Brothers (Netflix)

Brews Brothers
Brews Brothers

Let’s be real. It has been some time most of has had a beer. And Netflix’s new TV show, Brews Brothers, is here to seriously intensify those cravings. The plot revolves around two rival brothers who come together to open a brewery. They are poles apart in their approach and attitude but run the brewery together. And their techniques, just like their personalities, couldn’t be more different. Watch this hilarious show loaded with lots of banter, beer, and bromance! 

3. Sex Education (Netflix)

Sex Education
Sex Education

Do you crave content that gives you butterflies in your stomach? If yes, you better get down and dirty with Sex Education. With a plethora of characters reflecting the real-world and overflowing with wit, Laurie Nunn’s high school comedy is a great pick. The TV show is packed with sexual discoveries, banter, drama, fun and comedy. The concept is simple yet brilliant. Revolving around the life of a sexually awkward teenage boy Otis and his sexpert mother (she wears killer jumpsuits though!)  Raised by a therapist single mom, Otis starts giving novice sex advice to his classmates for a trivial fee. Flaunting fabulous style, Eric is the joyous gay best friend we all deserve. This show combines slices of life & takes you through the lives of a bunch of teenagers coming of age.

4. Modern Love (Amazon Prime)

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Inspired by the weekly column published by The New York Times of the same name, Modern Love is going to make you fall in love with your partner all-over-again. The TV show features a stellar star cast that includes Anne Hathaway, Dev Patel, Tina Fey, Andrew Scott and more. Modern Love adapts unusual and different love stories taking place all around New York City. If you’re someone who enjoys unconventional and unique take on matters of the heart, Modern Love is a perfect choice. Although some of the episodes are truer to the source material than others, yet, like the column itself, the series does have its pleasures and its truths.

5. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Amazon Prime)

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Currently streaming on Prime, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is simply a delight to watch. The storyline goes as such: Midge Maisel, a housewife, is left by her husband in the pilot episode. Midge finds no choice but to reassess her life. She realises that she is naturally gifted with an atypical talent – standup comedy! The series follows the trajectory of her journey as she goes about pursuing a career in the chauvinist stand-up comedy profession. She accidentally stumbles onto the stage at a nightclub, discovering her own comedic skills. She eventually determines to use this newfound talent and revive her whole life.

6. Asur (VOOT)

Downlaod Asur 2020 Serial in hd

Asur is a story of a man fighting his inner demons and disturbed childhood caught in between myth, dharma and religion. He masterminds a series of killings on the pretext of social justice. Nikhil Nair, a former forensic officer-turned-teacher at the FBI HQ, is requested to return to the CBI’s forensic team. He initially denies the offer but later accepts it. Eventually what follows is a cat and mouse chase that has deeper links to the past. Asur is a very clever addition to the digital content. Such an unlikely yet captivating brew of myth, science, and investigation rooted in detail. Don’t miss this TV show if you are a fan of thrillers and mysteries.

7. Panchayat (Amazon Prime)

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The Viral Fever aka TVF is back with a brand new TV show headlined by Jitendra Kumar. Now, who doesn’t remember Jeetu bhaiyya from Kota Factory, right? As of now, you may already be familiar with his fame, acting chops and on-screen persona. Adding to his bag of talent, we have Panchayat, which tells the story of a young man who moves to a remote village in UP looking for a job. Considering the star cast and the makers, it is packed with powerhouse performances and a strong storyline. Undoubtedly, this web series will be an absolute favourite among viewers. Panchayat is a refreshing inclusion to all the new shows and movies on Amazon Prime Video.

So, that’s it for the list. Hopefully, these will help you to come out of your self-isolation blues and will also add a colourful flavour to your life. Till then, don’t forget to wash your hands!

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