Seo Yea-ji Looks Gorgeous In The New ‘Eve’ Stills, Check Out!

As the release date for Eve comes closer, the excitement for Seo Yea-ji has only been increasing. Seo Yea-ji is making comeback after two years. This will be the actress’s first drama after 2020’s It’s Okay To Not Be Okay. In Eve Seo Yea-ji will be playing the role of Lee Ra-el, a chaebol and heiress of a big conglomerate. As the drama is known by its alternate name, Eve’s Scandal, the drama surrounds the scandal of Lee Ra-el and her husband’s divorce trial.

In the teaser for Eve, Seo Yea-ji looked lethal and ready to take revenge on her husband. She says in the teaser, that regarding her husband, “When you are the hottest, I’ll Coldly break you down.” Although she looked lethal in the teaser, the new still from the series shows her in a gorgeous look.

Seo Yea-ji Eve
Still of Seo Yea-ji from Eve

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Check Out Seo Yea-ji In Eve

The Instagram page of TVN Drama released the news still in the morning of 20th May 2022. Seo Yea-ji wears a black shirt on a coffee coloured skirt and flaunts a messy bun of her hair. She is also seen with a little girl who could be her daughter with her husband played by Park Byung-eun who looks nervous in the new still wearing an all black suit- from neck tie to blazer.

The Instagram caption reads, “Seducing woman vs vigilant man! Dangerous first meeting stills revealed!” This latest Kdrama has a cast of Seo Yea-ji, Park Byung-eun, Lee Sang-yeob, Yoo Sun and So Hee-jung. Lee Sang-yeob plays Seo Eun-pyung, a human rights lawyer while Yoo Sun plays the daughter of a powerful politician married into a Chaebol family. So Hee-jung is the assistant of Kang Yoon-gyeom played by Park Byung-eun.

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Eve or Eve’s Scandal is set to release on 25th May 2022 on TvN and Viki.

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