(Season 2) Bless The Harts Episode 6 Recap: Just Everyday Things Like Death and Academics

[Bless The Harts Episode 6 Spoilers Ahead]

Bless the Harts Season 2 premiered on 27th September 2020 on Disney+ Hotstar. The American adult animated sitcom is created by Emily Spivey for the Fox Broadcasting Company. Bless the Harts episode 6 is directed by Albert Calleros and Michael Baylis. The voice cast includes Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Jillian Bell, Ike Barinholtz, Fortune Feimster, and more.

Bless The Harts episode 6

Bless The Harts Episode 6 Recap

Bless The Harts episode 6, titled “The McEntire Truth” has two parallel plots running. The first one stars Betty and Crystalynn who are in a race to say the saddest funeral story but things take a turn when Marjune’s story wins the saddest story and everyone sympathizes with her. Furthermore, Betty and Crystalynn are sure that her entire story is fake and that it is taken from a song’s plot! On the other hand, Jenny and Wayne are trying to get Violet and David to pass their presidential physical fitness test exam by doing the bare minimum but it seems to be an impossible task until they find a way.

Episode 6 takes us deeper into the personalities of the Harts. While in the previous episode I saw more of a social commentary here I saw more of a light-hearted storyline which seems to have not-so-many hidden talk beneath. We see how desperate Betty tires to win the saddest story race and would go the extent of faking a grief-filled story. It is funny and senseless at times but you sail through it because we know how Betty is. She needs every eye and every ounce of attention in Greenpoint on her!

Bless The Harts episode 6
(Season 2) Bless The Harts Episode 6 Recap: Just Everyday Things Like Death and Academics 4

On the other hand, in Violet and David, you could see every typical teenager who is not interested in P.E. and would say that the teacher is forcing them to do things they don’t want to and would use strong words like ‘Nazi’ and ‘bully’ and whatnot. However, I do condemn whatever Violet and David were saying and doing to their teachers. On the other hand, I related so bad to Violet and David literally choosing anything over P.E.

Summing up, Bless The Harts episode 6 is light-hearted and tells us more about each and every character.

Stream It or Skip It

Bless The Harts episode 6
(Season 2) Bless The Harts Episode 6 Recap: Just Everyday Things Like Death and Academics 5

STREAM IT! Bless The Harts episode 6 is stream-worthy like every episode this season. Who wins the sad funeral story race between Betty and Crystalynn? Do Violet and David pass their gym class? All questions that are definitely worth finding out!

Bless The Harts season 2 is now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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Bless The Harts episode 6 is about the saddest funeral story and passing P.E. Will the Harts win? Stream It or Skip It? Read Here.

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