(Season 2) Bless The Harts Episode 24 Recap: How Old Is Betty Hart?

Bless The Harts Episode 24 Spoilers Ahead

Bless the Harts Season 2 premiered on 27th September 2020 on Disney+ Hotstar. The American adult animated sitcom is created by Emily Spivey for the Fox Broadcasting Company. The voice cast includes Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Jillian Bell, Ike Barinholtz, Fortune Feimster, and more.

Season Finale Ft. Betty’s Age Reveal

Bless The Harts Episode 24
(Season 2) Bless The Harts Episode 24 Recap: How Old Is Betty Hart? 3

Bless The Harts Episode 24 marks the finale of Bless The Harts Season 2 with the end of the season we see no two plot lines in this episode, the Harts are all together on a journey! Waye takes the Harts on a road trip to the Outer Banks in an RV with shady owners and a past he is unaware of. Meanwhile, Jenny and Violet try to decode Betty’s age as her birthday is approaching and literally no one knows her age. Quite a secret keeper, Betty Hart!

Bless The Harts Episode 24 feels wholesome despite everything. When the Harts reach the Outer Bank and there is a tiff going on between the Harts ladies. Wayne says that for once can we leave everything aside and enjoy something that is bigger than us and well, this has to be one of the finest moments of the entire season. The episode is embedded with funny moments like the interrogation sequence, the small banter and tricks and more!

Overall, Bless The Harts Episode 24 provides viewers with a good series finale as the episode ends with the Harts having Betty’s back for no matter what happens, at the end of the day they are family and that’s all that matters.

Bless The Harts Season 3

Unfortunately for all the Bless The Harts fans there will be no Season 3 of the franchise. Despite positive reviews, according the sources, the decision might be due to a fall in viewership in season 2 as compared to season 1. But unlike season 1, the series released 24 episodes this season and that’s a good goodbye!

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Stream It or Skip It

Bless The Harts Episode 24
(Season 2) Bless The Harts Episode 24 Recap: How Old Is Betty Hart? 4

STREAM IT! Bless The Harts Episode 24 is wholesome and a good watch. As the episode ends we see the Harts sitting on The Outer Banks relishing their time together as all the characters of the series appear in the sky!

Bless The Harts season 2 is now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.



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