(Season 2) Bless The Harts Episode 23 Recap: Tiny Pie and New Neighbours!

Bless The Harts Episode 23 Spoilers Ahead

Bless the Harts Season 2 premiered on 27th September 2020 on Disney+ Hotstar. The American adult animated sitcom is created by Emily Spivey for the Fox Broadcasting Company. Bless the Harts episode 23 is directed by Albert Calleros, Valerie Fletcher, and Samantha Arnett. The voice cast includes Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Jillian Bell, Ike Barinholtz, Fortune Feimster, and more.

Bless The Harts Episode 23

Country Neighbourhood

Bless The Harts Episode 23 is the second last episode of Bless The Harts season 2 and as the series is progressing towards its finale, it is leaving behind some fun episodes and heartfelt stories. The episode yet again involves 2 plotlines while one involves Betty, Jenny, and Violet as they try to make friends with their newly shifted New Yorker neighbours and the other involves Wayne and Travis as they try to help Wayne’s Meemaw save her job by repairing her diner.

The episode brings forth the pre-conceived notion that comes with being a New Yorker and how people believe that if you’re from a big influential city you have lavish lives and moving to the countryside can only be for a lavish getaway and nothing else. We see that through Betty, Jenny, and Violet as they obsess over their new neighbours and build their lives in their own head which turns out to be all false. The episode gets its name Tiny Pies from the welcome gift Jenny and Betty get from their new neighbours i.e., tiny gas station pies.

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Bless The Harts Episode 23

On the other hand, we see Wayne’s meemaw on the verge of losing her job as there is a constantly increasing hole in the centre of her diner and no money for repairs! It is here that Wayne and Travis decide to help her raise $5000 for repairs so that she can keep her job and sustain. But where this amount would come from is a pressing question until they come across a Cornhole competition that offers the required amount as prize money! As the episode progresses, we see Travis and Wayne train and practice for the competition and ultimately come up as glorious winners!

Bless The Harts Episode 23 is an enjoyable episode overall. We see the Hart ladies get all dressed up to welcome their new neighbours and friends only to realize that they’ll have to tell everyone the truth about the gas station pie as everyone believes they were homemade and forces them to make tiny Pies in front of everyone. Meanwhile, Travis and Wayne competing and preparing for the Cornhole competition is both fun and admirable at the same time!

Stream It or Skip It

STREAM IT! Bless The Harts Episode 23, like every other episode of the season, is a good watch and offers some memorable moments.

Bless The Harts season 2 is now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.




Bless The Harts Episode 23 "Tiny Pies" welcome new neighbours in Greenpoint and attempts to save meemaw's diner at all costs!

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