Scenes From A Marriage: When Oscar Isaac-Jessica Chastain Broke Our Hearts

HBO’s Scenes from a Marriage has really gelled well with the audience. And, huge credit goes to the chemistry of Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain on-screen. The duo was previously seen together in the 2014 film A Most Violent Year before taking up their respective roles as Jonathan (Jon) and Mira in Hagai Levi’s remake of the 1973 Swedish miniseries of the same name by Ingmar Bergman. The show tells the story of the turmoiled marriage between Jon and Mira and how at every phase in their relationship they are met with gratuitous confrontations and revelations.

Before the series aired, we witnessed the chemistry the pair would bring on-screen through the viral video of Oscar Isaac kissing Jessica Chastain’s arm at the Venice Film Festival. Ever since then, fans have rooted hard for the couple who have left us with some beautiful moments on screen through Scenes from a Marriage.

– This article about Scenes from a Marriage contains spoilers –

Best Moments from Scenes from a Marriage:

Episode 1: Mira’s Abortion

By the end of episode one which was much dedicated to portraying Mira’s unhappy presence in the marriage, we see her reaching a breaking point when the couple decides to abort Mira’s unexpected pregnancy. The scene well outlined with Jon’s repression to not be able to confess that he would like to keep the child and Mira trying to save the marriage by walking into an abortion was painful to watch. With Mira covered in white sheets at the pale clinic, crying soundlessly was surely a time when we all had that lump in our throats we couldn’t swallow because of the unprecedented pain of losing a child.

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Episode 2: Jon’s Muffled Scream

The second episode of the series really picked up when Mira announced that she will be leaving Jon behind because not only does he not make her happy, but also due to Mira being in love with someone named Poli. This confession gives rise to some intense dialogues which eventually ends with Mira stepping out of the house and the marriage, in general.

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The episode ends with a hurtful goodbye and Jon biting his fist and screaming into it until Ava walks into the room which makes him gain his composure and puts him on auto-pilot, away from his feelings because that is how much he loves his daughter. This particular scene is so tragic that as an audience, it was difficult to hold back the tears.

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Episode 3: Jon Reads Mira His “Morning Pages”

In episode 3, we see Jon and Mira unite after a few years, with Mira settled in with Poli and Jon living his life with Ava. We invest ourselves in the dialogues between the pair who try to reconnect with one another. However, the highlight of this particular episode was Jon’s confession of how he has been since Mira’s departure and how he has been seeing a therapist.

Jon talks about a routine of waking up every day and writing what he feels, which is something his therapist refers to as “Morning Pages.” On Mira’s insistence, Jon reads her his latest entry remembering the old times how they spent together and how he will always be grateful to Mira for “saving him”. The scene really sparks our heart with a desire to see Mira and Jon get back together. The episode is titled ‘Vale of Tears’ and, rightly so.

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Episode 4: Jon & Mira Make Love

The highlight of the entire series that probably even broke the internet was finally seeing Jon and Mira being intimate in the fourth episode. Mira and Jon are in the middle of moving and signing divorce papers when the duo gets intimate and passionately make love. What was crazier was the fact that Oscar Issac gave the audience full-frontal nudity in a very artistic way alongside some really steamy sex.

It was blowing off everyone’s steam to see Jon and Mira get so intimate until in the latter half of the episode he confessed how he was void of feelings for Mira while making love which, well, like always was a typical Scenes from a Marriage tragedy that drained the warmth out of the screen.

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Episode 4: Mira’s Ultimate Breakdown

It has been hard seeing Mira always toughen up, no matter how hurtful the scenario is. However, by the end of Episode 4, we realize how tired Mira is from all that is happening around her and regrets her decision to leave Jon and Ava behind to have a new life. She confronts the demons that call her a “bad mother” and ultimately, breaks down begging Jon to give them another chance.

For a character that is as driven as Mira’s, it was really difficult to sit through her meltdown and subsequent mania when Jon leaves hinting towards how she has completely lost everything she values in her life.

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Meanwhile, the fifth episode of Scenes from a Marriage is going to be out on Monday at 7:30 AM IST on Disney+ Hotstar, which will mark the finale of this brilliant mini-series.

Let us know in the comments below, what are your favourite moments from Scenes from a Marriage!

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