Scenes From A Marriage Episode 4 Review: Exploring The Grey Areas

Scenes from a Marriage Episode 4 of Hagai Levi’s remake of the 1973 Swedish series of the same name by Ingmar Bergman delivers the outcome of what went down between Mira and Jon in the last episode. The mini-series is led by Oscar Issac (as Jonathan) and Jessica Chastain (as Mira), who play a married couple trying to figure out the drawbacks and confusions in their marriage. Each episode is one hour long and is called a “scene” in the opening credits, making the audience feel like they are witnessing a play.

– Scenes from a Marriage Episode 4 review contains mild spoilers –

Scenes from a Marriage Episode 4: The Illiterates

The fourth episode of Scenes from a Marriage opens will actor Jessica Chastain pulling into the set as she rehearses her lines for Mira. This is the first time we see the behind-the-scenes work taking place somewhere outside the main set, hinting at the journey Jessica’s Mira has made so far, only to end up driving towards Jon and her old life.

The couple is in the middle of evacuating the house and filling their divorce settlement papers. We see the entire house in boxes and cellophane paper wrapped around objects. While discussing the list of items- what belongs to whom, Jon tells Mira about “Gett”, an absolute law that effectuates a divorce in the Jewish culture. The guidelines for “Gett” are simple and outright, leaving no space for individuals to explore grey areas. However, a move as stringent as that does not seem ideal for our couple on screen.

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Mira calls Jon and herself being in a room forbidden and that soon leads to a passionate lovemaking scene. Followed by Mira’s disagreement to sign the divorce papers and a bickering fight involving Ava’s dance classes, only to calm down and have another sweet set of words lined up. All these scenes placed one after the other, insinuates how the couple is yet not ready to leave the grey areas of their marriage behind that still tie them to each other, in all ways good and bad.

Scenes from a Marriage Episode 4: The Eventuality of Love

With the rain pattering against the windows, Jon and Mira discuss the culture of how children should be brought up with the concept of the eventuality of love, how it might not last forever to spare them the pain during situations like a break-up or a divorce. However, does the concept of eventuality mean the same thing for both individuals involved in the relationship?

Jon is ready to set Mira free. It has been 2 years since Mira’s departure and he has been praying for her to come back. But when Mira finally confesses how she has lost her job, broken up with Poli and shattered the ambition of having a new life, Jon seems to have finally moved on to start a new. Nasty accusations and some meaningful discussions lash out as the couple gulp their glasses of Pineapple Vodka.

Mira’s U-turn back into her old life is her eventual stop in this love affair. Whereas Jon’s getting over Mira and starting a new life is his eventual stop on the love train. Both are such different stops, yet similar enough to tie all the metaphors with Jon stepping out of the house to leave Mira behind like she had once. What is life, if not a full circle of our own actions, right?

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Scenes from a Marriage Episode 4: Final Verdict

Jessica Chastain as Mira leaves no stones unturned to let her emotions betray the fact that we are just watching her on-screen and makes her performance live and breathe every moment. Oscar Issac as Jon is finally voicing out all the piled up observations and reflections, making the audience root for him. Yes, another beautiful acting masterclass nuanced in between the lines of a strong script.

You can stream Scenes from a Marriage every Monday at 7:30 am on Disney+ Hotstar. For the recap of the previous episodes from Scenes from a Marriage, click here.

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Mira and Jon spit out every lovely and nasty detail about what their marriage has come to in Scenes from a Marriage episode 4.

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Scenes From A Marriage Episode 4 Review: Exploring The Grey AreasMira and Jon spit out every lovely and nasty detail about what their marriage has come to in Scenes from a Marriage episode 4.