Scarlett Johansson-Black Widow Pay Dispute: O-T Fagbenle Says, “All Workers Should Get Paid Fairly”

The Black Widow controversy with The Walt Disney Company is not unheard of in today’s time. Right after the release of Black Widow, both in theatres and on Disney+, actress Scarlett Johansson expressed her discontentment about the project’s dual release. She took the case to court and sued the distributor of Marvel Studios’ Phase Four feature film stating a breach of contract to recover the payments the studio owes her.

Previously, other Marvel stars such as Benedict Cumberbatch who plays Dr. Strange and WandaVision star Elizabeth Olsen, both have shared their views on the case and called it quite the mess. However recently, the actress’ co-star O-T Fagbenle, who plays Rick Mason in the newly released movie, shed some light on the sue from a fresh perspective.

O-T Fagbenle on the Black Widow pay dispute

The actor candidly confessed to being not very informed about the case but, still went head-on to say out loud how “All workers should get paid fairly.”

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The argument put forward by the actor is less complicated than what Cumberbatch had said about the OTT territory being new and the entire situation a “new paradigm”. O-T Fagbenle helps us look at the “equal-pay” argument not only from the perspective of an actor but all forms of labour giving a relatable aspect to Scar Jo’s case.

He says, “…to be honest, the workers I think about are on minimum-wage. I think about those, you know, working in sweatshops to provide our clothes. That’s really my concern when I think about unfair labour”.

Scarlett Johansson’s case is essentially based on how her contract with Marvel Studios and Disney had no provisions of the Black Widow film getting any other release apart from in theatres. However, the release took place both in theatres and on Disney+ hampering the revenue collected and the subsequent box-office success of the film.

In the wake of the lawsuit, Disney CEO Bob Chapek has revealed that the studio is now resetting its talent deals.

You can stream Black Widow now on Disney Plus Hotstar.

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