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5 Romantic Movies Without a Happy Ending

5 Romantic Movies Without a Happy Ending

When we say romantic movies, we usually think of grand gestures, cute moments, a little bit of a squabble that gets sorted quickly and then the couple rides off into the sunset. However, romantic movies without a happy ending? That can put a dampen on your expectations, isn’t it? That being said, however, romantic movies without a happy ending can portray the more real side of love and life – sometimes we don’t end up with the loves of our lives but that doesn’t mean that they are without happiness.

So, keeping that in mind, here are 5 romantic movies without a happy ending that will give you butterflies but will also make you sad, when all things are said and done.


Michael Curtiz’s iconic 1942 movie doesn’t need any introductions. Casablanca is the most famous Hollywood movie of all time, and we can see why. Consisting of a beautiful and heart-wrenching script and the most romantic couple on the silver screen, this movie is sure to give you goosebumps. As a romantic movie without a happy ending, Casablanca, thus, stands out.

Set in WWII, Rick, a nightclub owner, decides to help her former lover Ilsa and her husband escape the Nazis. However, things, obviously, take a steamier turn when the two renew their feelings for each other.

Watch it here.

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Shakespeare in Love

In the midst of a terrible case of writer’s block, William Shakespeare finds his muse – Viola de Lesseps, the daughter of a wealthy merchant who is already betrothed to Lord Wessex. Set in 1593 London, will Shakespeare be able to win over her lady love?

Historical accuracy aside, Joseph Fiennes and Gwyneth Paltrow together in a movie is always a win. The two’s chemistry sizzles on-screen while you see Fiennes’s Shakespeare struggling to come up with something to wow his audience. However, the ending? Not as happy as we’d desperately want throughout the movie; it’s thus a romantic movie without a happy ending we like watching over and over again.

Watch it here.

A Walk to Remember

A movie that everyone loves to watch, but if you’re someone who hasn’t watched this romantic movie without a happy ending, then this is your sign. Although Landon does not end up with Jamie, he does find peace and happiness in life, so that might be considered a happy ending for some. This one’s a tear-jerker for all the right reasons and Shane West and Mandy Moore are absolutely divine together.

Troubled kid Landon is unhappy when he has to star in a play with Jamie, the latter of whom is not considered cool in their school. However, as they continue to rehearse together, they find themselves drawn to each other. Life, however, has other plans.

Watch it here.

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500 Days of Summer

Taking place in a non-linear fashion, 500 Days of Summer has Tom revisiting the time he spent with his (now ex) girlfriend Summer, whom he considers to be the love of his life. This movie is the perfect balance of serious and fun and makes you question the various facets of relationships.

When Tom and Summer meet and start dating, Tom thinks of him as “the one”. However, she’s not so sure of him and when they break up, he is left distraught. Will they get back together?

Watch it here.

The Lunchbox

Set in Mumbai and making great use of Mumbai’s dabbawala’s, Saajan and Ila’s lunchbox mixup gives rise to curious consequences.

The Lunchbox is a beautiful movie that flows effortlessly. This charming and heartfelt movie really says how even romantic movies without a happy ending can make the heart fond. Plus, it stars Irrfan Khan and there’s much magic and happiness to be found here.

Watch it here.

So, did you like this list of 5 romantic movies without a happy ending? Tell us in the comments below if your favourite movie is in this list or if we missed your favourite one!

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