Reflection of You Episode 16 Recap: Ko Hyun-jung vs Shin Hyun-been

Reflection of You is a Korean drama-thriller TV series directed by Im Hyun-wook and starring Ko Hyun-jung, Shin Hyun-been, and Kim Jae-young, alongside other cast members. The series has 16 episodes and Reflection of You episode 16, titled After the Storm, has a runtime of 92 minutes.

Netflix describes the series as:


– Reflection of You episode 16 review contains major spoilers –

We are finally here with Reflection of You episode 16 – things will finally fall into place today… or will it?

Anyway, looking at the dashcam footage again, Woo-jae realises that Hui-ju knew what she was doing and that he fell right into her trap. He storms off and we see Hae-won standing outside his place. Meanwhile, Hui-ju gets a call from Jung-eun, in Reflection of You episode 16, who tells her that she told Woo-jae of the video and asks her to stay safe. That’s when she spots Woo-jae and as he gets more agitated, she takes him to her studio.

That’s when Li-sa spots them together. Inside, Hui-ju pleads for him to leave her alone and to move on with his life. She tells him that what they had was a mistake but he tells her that that’s not true and how she could be with someone who tried to kill him after she abandoned him. She promises to compensate him for the years that she lost. As things get more heated and Hui-ju starts feeling scared, Woo-jae gets even more frustrated and in the ensuing tussle, he starts to choke her.

Meanwhile, Li-sa follows her mother and Woo-jae and Hae-won, too, arrives at the scene in Reflection of You episode 16. Inside, he says the famous stalker line “if I can’t have you, then no one can!” just as she’s about to pass out, Li-sa arrives and stabs Woo-jae in the neck with a pen. The next few seconds are a blur – Li-sa rushes home, prompting Hyeon-seong to go after her and Woo-jae, stupidly, pulls out the pen from his neck and starts bleeding profusely.

As Hui-ju goes home to talk to Li-sa, she is unable to get through to her as she has barricaded herself inside her room in Reflection of You episode 16. As Hyeon-seong and Ho-su eat tons of chicken, Hui-ju looks mortified and heartbroken. She goes to her studio and thinks back to Woo-jae’s death just a few moments ago – of course, it’s absolutely traumatic and she’s just all over the place.

It’s now time for Hui-ju to get rid of the body and as she starts scrubbing the floors and literally everywhere else, we see Li-sa in her room shaking and crying while Hyeon-seong puts Ho-su to sleep. Hui-ju packs up Woo-jae’s body and drives off to Dong-mi’s lakeside to dispose of the body. She comes home and takes a shower and it is evident that she is traumatised.

The next day, in Reflection of You finale, Li-sa goes to Hui-ju’s studio and is shocked to see that everything is clean and pristine. Hui-ju tells her that Woo-jae is fine and that she’s a child and that it would be difficult for her to kill a grown man. She promises that nothing happened the other day and that whatever Li-sa did was to protect her – she is not at fault.

Later that day, Hui-ju goes to Woo-jae’s apartment in Reflection of You episode 16 and starts packing his things to get rid of. However, that plan is foiled when Hae-won walks in on her and she starts to make up excuses. However, Hae-won tells her that she knows that Woo-jae is dead. She shows Hui-ju the murder weapon and tells her not to lie since she’s going to get caught this soon.

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Hui-ju begs for Hae-won to turn a blind eye to it – she promises to repent and leave everyone and everything but she has to spare Li-sa this fate. She is innocent and shouldn’t have to pay for Hui-ju’s shortcomings. Hae-won agrees that Li-sa shouldn’t have to go through this and takes up Hui-ju’s offer of repentance in Reflection of You finale.

We then see Hui-ju taking care of everything before her planned departure. She tells her mother-in-law to send Ho-su abroad for study, takes care of the exhibition and goes out with Hyeon-seong to eat at the first restaurant they went on a date to.

Later, in Reflection of You episode 16, Hui-ju meets Hae-won for the last time and asks her for one more night with the kids. That’s when Hae-won tells her that she knows how a mother would feel like she once had the chance to be a mother. She doesn’t elaborate and leaves it at that. Hui-ju leaves, but not before telling her that she used to shine really brightly at one point and that she was jealous of her while giving her a letter.

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Hui-ju spends the last night with her kids in Reflection of You episode 16 and it’s a heartbreaking moment for her. The next morning, the posts on the Instagram post go viral and Hui-ju seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth. Hyeon-seong goes to Woo-jae’s studio to find him but finds Hae-won there, who tells him that Hui-ju left on her own accord with Woo-jae.

It’s a disaster at Hyeon-seong’s place with Yeong-seon screaming at the top of her lungs. His quiet anger is horrifying, honestly, and he tells his mother to shut up before leaving and calls Seon-u to know whether Hui-ju is there or not.

In the meantime, Seon-u calls Hae-won and laments a little saying that he wanted to meet her before leaving in Reflection of You finale. Hae-won, probably developing slight feelings for him too, tells him to wait and rushes to meet him at the airport. However, as she is crossing the street, Il-seong comes out of nowhere and stabs her. Meanwhile, Hyeon-seong desperately tries to find his wife who is nowhere to be found.

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As Li-sa and Ho-su go off to study abroad in Reflection of You finale, we see that Yeong-seon and Min-seo have become closer and the latter is taking care of the hospital.

A few years later in Reflection of You episode 16, at a retirement facility, we see Hui-ju taking care of the residents, one of whom asked her to get out of there and live her life. The place is like a prison and someone as young as her shouldn’t have to spend her time there. She says that she is happy and likes staying there. She seems lonely and sits around alone.

As she walks down the road, she finds a poster for Hae-won’s first solo exhibition but she just walks away. Lying in the old fishing spot, she looks at Hyeon-seong’s Instagram picture (the account is private so really, that’s not how that works) and gets up to leave but stops and stares out in the distance.


  • Hae-won’s mom moves on with her life, hopefully having learned a valuable lesson. She asks Hae-won to also move on with her life.
  • Hui-ju asks to go with Dong-mi and live a nomadic life.

Final Thoughts: Reflection of You Episode 16

Reflection of You finale brings an end to this twisted, but rather mellow, series. I had high hopes at first – it drove me crazy when each episode brought forth more and more questions and very few answers. But now that everything is said and done, I am disappointed. There isn’t a lot that the series made me think of and till the end, everything was wrapped up rather easily.

Murdering Woo-jae? Sure, done. Dispensing a body? No problem! Disappearing from the face of the earth when your family literally runs the city? Not problemo! Stabbing a woman in the middle of a busy intersection? Again, easy-peasy. How are these things even happening? How is Hae-won? What was Hui-ju looking at? How is Hui-ju so shockingly good at getting rid of a dead body? I don’t know. But it all seems to work out without one hitch. I don’t know whether Hyeon-seong was just ignorant or he didn’t know his wife at all, but whatever it is, he is a pretty bad husband.

Either way, I am disappointed in the Reflection of You finale. I felt a few emotions here and there, mostly a little bad for Hae-won and Hui-ju, but other than that, this turned out to be rather boring. But, I gotta give it to the actors – they are splendid. From the kid actors to the leads, it was great to watch them on-screen. The story might be mediocre, but these people have really given it their all and thus it was somewhat of a good watch. Shin Hyun-been is my favourite of them all and I am sad that they didn’t do justice to as complicated a character as Hae-won. She just became an afterthought.

Even Hui-ju’s character seemed like she had no arc. I expected her to be truly remorseful in Reflection of You finale. However, she left and went off in fear that Li-sa would get into trouble, not because she felt horrible for the shit show that she had done till the very end. I mean, sure, but… ok? What was the point then? Or was the point that people don’t change and we are who we are? That’s a sad thing to show, but I guess that’s something. Min-seo had the most growth and looking at her bullying her husband was great.

(Although, don’t bully people. But seek help if you’re in a violent situation!)

Reflection of You is streaming on Netflix.

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Reflection of You episode 16 is decent - an outcome I did not expect from a show I liked so much in the beginning!


  1. Totally agree. I am utterly disappointed with the ending. Wasted my time. All main characters had no depth.
    How did Chairman An fall in love with Hui Ju and why was he still love her despite her cheating? Not explained.

    Why did Woo Jae fall for Hui Ju? Because she’s pretty? Cmon, Hui Ju looked soo messed up all the time despite being clothed in designer creations. She was just so unkempt. Gu Hae Won was even worse, like she never combed her hair, though her messy image was understandable.

    Hui Ju’s disappearance looked too easy. How could she escape all the cctv? She could literally move Woo Jae’s body without looking too struggling, which was unbelievable. How did she give the car to Dong Mi without Chairman An knowing? He could’ve reported the car missing, but nope he didn’t do that.

    I could go on complaining, but I definitely won’t get nearly 18 hours of my life back, lol.

    Avoid watching this if you hate to be left high and dry.

  2. I agree with your comments about this series. I am very disappointed because there are still many questions left unanswered and the ending was just unbelievable and unacceptable. I think that Hui-Ji had a lot more feelings than was shown with Woo-Jae but because of her own childhood she was torn between love and living a rich life. Also, when children become part of the scenario it becomes even more complicated for a mother. the woman who started the mess was Hae-Won who got Li-sa mixed into the whole story. She should never have done that. Hae-Won thinks that she is the victim but she is responsible for much of the pain caused to others. She keeps Woo-Jae virtually a prisoner of herself all in the name of love–he didn’t love her . Doesn’t she get it? She marries him so that he can never leave her side and only if he dies. Really? She doesn’t even do anything to save him when he is stabbed. So she gets what she wants-to grid no one ends up happy!eve him but leaves the dirty work up to Hui-Ji. Hae-won tortures everyone as far as I can see. And she gets to start her life all over. And what is this statement on her part that she once had a chance to be a mother? Are we supposed to feel bad for her? We never get the answer.
    In my opinion, she is the one who is to blame for Hui-Jui’s family falling apart because she wanted Hui-Ji to suffer and never get Woo-Jai. And that is the bottom line. Everything went awry because of her and Woo-Jai was never hers to love. She is not a good person, even though she does do a few good things along the way. She is jealous and selfish and the story ends with no happiness for almost anyone. Lisa will probably suffer all her life and she should never have been involved. My feelings and understanding were with Hui-Ji! She did not deserve that just because she cheated.

  3. I totally agree with Hal. Hae-won is so toxic, causing suffering to everyone around her, and they made her look innocent in the end – ???
    I got extremely tired/bored of her victimised behaviour through half of the series but decided to stick to the end. I am so disappointed that nothing happened to her, she could even have gone to prison for planning the child’s kidnap. The suffering she’s been through DOES NOT justify her behaviour towards Hui-jui! My thoughts throughout the show were “bitch, move on!!! They’re not worth it!” but she’s just obsessed with being seen as a victim and people pitying her, very annoying.

    About Hui-jui’s brother falling for Hae-won even knowing all she’s done to his niece and sister: just absolutely ridiculous, I did not buy it. Just another way of making the villain look like she’s done nothing wrong. I’m even questioning what they think is normal/acceptable behaviour now, will do some research about it.

    I’d give a 2/5 score to the show just for the sake of the actors, but the plot was just very disappointing and FULL of plot holes

  4. Your comment is one of the ONLY ones I’ve seen that makes sense. This all happened because of haewon!! She did a whole lot for a man that married her out of convenience so they could get an opportunity. The guy never loved her but everyone’s making her out to be the victim which I’d hilarious to me

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Reflection of You Episode 16 Recap: Ko Hyun-jung vs Shin Hyun-beenReflection of You episode 16 is decent - an outcome I did not expect from a show I liked so much in the beginning!