Reflection of You Episode 15 Recap: Ko Hyun-jung Has to Prove Her Strength

Reflection of You is a Korean drama-thriller TV series directed by Im Hyun-wook and starring Ko Hyun-jung, Shin Hyun-been, and Kim Jae-young, alongside other cast members. The series has 16 episodes and Reflection of You episode 15, titled Breakups are Harden Than Being in Love, has a runtime of 77 minutes.

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– Reflection of You episode 15 review contains major spoilers –

Back to the ending of the last episode, Hui-ju finds Hyeon-seong sleeping in Hae-won’s car in Reflection of You episode 15. The latter walks up to her and asks her why she threw away her life like that – she wanted to have Woo-jae and Hyeon-seong and wasn’t even ready to lose it all for her love. She wanted everything at the same time and so threw Woo-jae away when it suited her.

She further says that Hui-ju had a happy marriage with a husband who doted on her. She had everything, yet she couldn’t control her greed. Sobbing, Hui-ju doubles down even more. But, she cannot blame her for Woo-jae’s problems and her issues with her husband are not Hae-won’s concerns. Hae-won, crying herself, says that Hui-ju ruined everyone’s lives around her – Hae-won’s, Woo-jae’s as well as her own husband’s. Hui-ju, now with nothing else to say, takes her husband and drives off.

reflection of you episode 15

After she gets him to bed, the nagging thought that Hyeon-seong might have cheated on he starts to creep in. The next morning, in Reflection of You episode 15, Hui-ju asks her husband why Hae-won brought her home last night. He says that he went to the building where Hyeong-gi fell and he ran into Woo-jae there. Hae-won got there too and they went to drink together after that.

Hui-ju, however, is not sure with Hyeon-seong’s rundown of the night, but before the conversation can go further, he gets a call that Hyeong-gi is out of surgery and is stable. We later learn that although he has survived, he may have a disability – a loss of sensation and movement on the right side of his body. There are other things as well, including loss of speech, but that’s a tough cookie to crack at the moment.

Feeling guilty, Hui-ju tells Min-seo that she was there with Hyeong-gi when he had his accident and tells her everything. Hui-ju tells her that he could’ve held his hand before he fell. However, Min-seo tells her that she will continue believing that he fell because the building was unstable and that Hui-ju had no part to play in it.

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reflection of you episode 15

That night, Hui-ju apologises for not thinking about Hyeon-seong’s sufferings and promises her that her family comes before her career. She promises him that she will never make him feel insecure again. True to that promise, the next day, in Reflection of You episode 15, she tells Jung-eun that she will drop out of the project with Woo-jae. She shows her the car footage that she took and Jung-eun is left shocked.

Woo-jae asks Hae-won to move on because them being together is just hurting each other. He also tells her that if she is scared that she will end up alone without him, then she is mistaken – she has a lot of people to take care of her. However, she reminds her, in Reflection of You episode 15, that for them, divorce means that either of them has to die.

That night, Hui-ju tells Hyeon-seong about Li-sa. He is dumbfounded at this new piece of information and he asks her whether she or the teacher knows why Li-sa is harming herself. However, although Li-sa explicitly told her why she acts stupid and says that she has no idea why Li-sa is doing all of this. However, Hyeon-seong tells her that she has to do whatever it takes to help her daughter – she has no choice.

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reflection of you episode 15

Meanwhile, Seon-u finds Hae-won passed out after overdosing on sleeping pills in Reflection of You episode 15. Angry, Seon-u rushes to Woo-jae and holds him by the collar and asks him why he didn’t rush to find her. Woo-jae’s nonchalance in this scene is just so annoying and infuriating as he calmly tells him that if he couldn’t get a hold of Seon-u, then he would’ve gone himself. Like it’s an afterthought – as if Hae-won is an afterthought to him; saving her is a chore he must complete.

Anyway, before leaving, Seon-u, like the champ that he is, calls Woo-jae a loser and tells him that he won’t let him harm his sister.

That day, Woo-jae also gets to know that Hui-ju has withdrawn from the project in Reflection of You episode 15. He obsessively tells Jung-eun that he should talk to Hui-ju to convince her to stay, but after having seen the dashcam video, she tells him to stay away from him. After this conversation, Hyeon-seong finds Woo-jae playing with Ho-su like the creep that he is. He emphasizes that Ho-su is his son and that a piece proving Hyeon-seong’s parentage won’t deter him.

Hyeon-seong, later, in Reflection of You episode 15, tries to talk to his mother about sending Ho-su to England to study. However, the conversation doesn’t go as planned and she berates him and tells him that she will raise Ho-su right so that he can one day take care of the hospital. Yeong-seon doesn’t give him an opportunity to speak his mind or put in any input and that night when Hui-ju complains that his mother is encroaching on her boundaries, Hyeon-seong tells her that Woo-jae was with Ho-su that evening in the playground.

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reflection of you episode 15

Thus, he agrees to send Ho-su abroad to study, against Hui-ju’s wishes. Woo-jae, meanwhile, is furious regarding what the press is writing about him. He accuses Hyeon-seong of trying to buy the journalists but the latter says that he doesn’t find him that interesting. He further adds that he should focus on his art instead of whining to him like a child.

Meanwhile, desperate, Hui-ju uses an unconscious Hyeong-gi’s finger to open his phone. But before she can go through it, Woo-jae comes in and tells her, no, shows her the recording of Hyeon-seong, and tells her that her husband is a monster. He begs her to come back to him with Ho-su and Li-sa and adds that he will be successful and will take care of all of them from now on. That conversation is cut short when Hyeon-seong fetches her and leaves to get Li-sa, who is in therapy.

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As Woo-jae refuses to work without Hui-ju, in Reflection of You episode 15, Jung-eun tells him to stay away from her and shows him the video. As he tries to convince her that it isn’t what it looks like, Jung-eun refuses to believe him and says that neither will the public. He starts smashing things around, repeating that it’s all a lie. We see next that Woo-jae is packing up and leaving. As shameless as Hui-ju is, she asks her to stop Woo-jae since he might listen to her.

Smiling, Hae-won tells her that it’s her responsibility to cut Woo-jae off since he truly believes that whatever feelings that he might have for her is love. She then tells her that she will watch from a distance and observes how strong Hui-ju can stay in the face of adversity. That night, Woo-jae signs the divorce papers, in Reflection of You episode 15, and tells him that Jung-eun had called her. She also tells him that Hui-ju came to her as well to ask her to stop him.

reflection of you episode 15

She adds that she must really not like him since a proud woman like her asking for Hae-won’s help is almost shocking. She says that she doesn’t hate him, but she pities him. After he breaks some more glass, she leaves like a boss saying that she will file the papers.

That night, Woo-jae, angry and revengeful, tries to strangle Hui-ju in her studio and Li-sa goes after them after she sees them. Yes, he has truly gone off the rails and there’s probably a murder, but all that is left undisclosed in this episode.


  • Min-seo hands Yeong-seon her ass on a silver platter.
  • Hui-ju gets to know about Li-sa’s self-harming and the mother and daughter have a bitter fight.
  • Hae-won helps Seon-u out and encourages him to go to America to realise his dreams.

Final Thoughts: Reflection of You episode 15

reflection of you episode 15

I am concerned. Concerned that Woo-jae would murder someone and try to kidnap Ho-su. He has a crazed look in his eyes and is desperate enough to honestly go through with it. Of course, my worst fears were realized by the end but unfortunately, a cliffhanger of an ending won’t save this episode. Reflection of You created a solid premise from the start. Hae-won was a force to be reckoned with but she didn’t do stuff for the sake of it. She had her reasons and her motivations. But in this episode, Woo-jae’s little obsessive temper tantrum feels… obvious. It’s not complex. This is just another motivation for just another delusional stalker out there.

Moreover, the penultimate episode has too many side characters development. Yes, I know that the series is trying to tie up its loose ends, but still. We spend so much time on Seon-u and even on Hae-won’s mother – and for what? God knows.

With just one episode remaining, I am honestly just sad with the direction the series went today. Well, at least Hae-won realized the error of her ways, you know. Or does she have one last thing up her sleeve with that Instagram account?

Reflection of You is streaming on Netflix.

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Reflection of You episode 15, starring Ko Hyun-jung and Shin Hyun-been, disappoints a bit with the direction it chooses to take.

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Reflection of You Episode 15 Recap: Ko Hyun-jung Has to Prove Her StrengthReflection of You episode 15, starring Ko Hyun-jung and Shin Hyun-been, disappoints a bit with the direction it chooses to take.