Ranjish Hi Sahi Review: Twisted Romance Studded With Earnest Performances

Ranjish Hi Sahi, created by Mahesh Bhatt, stars Tahir Raj Bhasin, Amala Paul, and Amrita Puri in lead roles. Written and directed by Pushpdeep Bhardwaj, the show also stars Paras Priyadarshan, Zarina Wahab, Ayesha Vindhara, Saurabh Sachdeva and several others. There are eight episodes of 35-40 minutes each. The series is all set to release on Voot Select this week.

The synopsis reads, “From the lanes of Bombay and the glamour of Bollywood in the 70s, comes a dramatic love story about a struggling director, his wife, and his superstar lover.”

Voot Select Series Ranjish Hi Sahi Review Contains No Spoilers

In Voot Select’s Ranjish Hi Sahi, Shankar Vats (Tahir Raj Bhasin) is a struggling director in the 70s. He’s given 3 flop movies and currently shooting for the fourth one. Shankar is waiting to prove himself with “the one” story that will give him a hit film. He lives with his mother (Zarina Wahab), wife Anju (Amrita Puri) and daughter Aarti (Ayesha Vindhara). The family lives in a small apartment and often faces financial crisis due to Shankar’s unstable job.

The story also features Aamna Parvez (Amala Paul), a stunning and successful Bollywood actor in the 70s. Everyone loves the actor for her beauty and talent. But in her personal life, Aamna has always been unlucky in love. Shankar and Aamna’s lives change when they meet each other. Their professional life takes a seatback as they fall passionately in love with each other. But soon, the realisation hits Shankar that the affair will only hurt everyone. Infidelity and flop films wreck his personal and professional life, and Anju and Aamna suffer.

It has been reported that Ranjish Hi Sahi on Voot Select is based on Mahesh Bhatt’s life. The story is about his affair with late actor Parveen Babi when he was married to Lorraine, aka Kiran. We may not know this until Bhatt confirms. Tahir Raj Bhasin’s Shankar Vats narrates the story that changed his life forever. The story moves through various timelines of Anju-Shankar-Aamna’s life.

Ranjish Hi Sahi Review: Twisted Romance Studded With Earnest Performances

The first two episodes are a little slow. You wait with bated breath to watch how Shankar and Aamna Parvez meet. Given that she’s a big star and he hasn’t even created a name for himself in the film industry, you’re curious to see how their first conversation goes. Also, at times, the non-linear storyline can be puzzling. There is an award function scene the makers could’ve cut short. It just comes out of nowhere, and you almost think you clicked on the wrong episode.

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Pushpdeep Bhardwaj has written a captivating tale of twisted romance. The premise and seeing the old Bombay set up, the 1970s fashion, and the cutthroat race for film distribution add to the drama. The music in the background heightens the emotions on screen. As Shankar, Anju, and Aamna, actors Tahir Raj Bhasin, Amrita Puri, and Amala Paul have delivered heartfelt performances.

Ranjish Hi Sahi Review: Twisted Romance Studded With Earnest Performances

Shankar’s life is a shambles in every manner, and Tahir does an excellent job portraying it. The actor emotes in a way that doesn’t make us feel sorry for his character. Tahir’s voice as a narrator also keeps us glued to the screen. Amrita Puri, who plays Shankar’s wife Anju, doesn’t say much at first. However, Amrita’s Anju owns the scenes when the screenplay picks up the pace, and the husband’s infidelity disrupts her life. Amrita is a delight to watch on screen, and her performance wins you.

Actress Amala Paul is breathtaking in every shot and delivers an outstanding performance. While you admire Aamna’s beauty, Paul slowly discloses the other side of her personality. You can feel the character’s uncertainty and fear, and the credit goes to Paul’s commendable act. Actors Zarina Wahab, Ayesha Vindhara, and Saurabh Sachdeva play their parts well.

Amala Paul in Ranjish Hi Sahi

Ranjish Hi Sahi Review: Final Thoughts

Overall, Ranjish Hi Sahi is a riveting tragic love triangle studded with wonderful performances. The music is mesmerising. The series has powerful dialogues and gives an insight into complicated love and relationships. It also shows us that the film industry is glamorous only from the outside. It is run by people who go through the same emotional conflicts as any normal person.

Ranjish Hi Sahi will be streaming on Voot Select on January 13.

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Ranjish Hi Sahi Review: Voot Select's latest by Mahesh Bhatt tells us a tragic love story that's packed with wonderful performances.

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Ranjish Hi Sahi Review: Twisted Romance Studded With Earnest PerformancesRanjish Hi Sahi Review: Voot Select's latest by Mahesh Bhatt tells us a tragic love story that's packed with wonderful performances.