Radhe Music Review: Not Suitable For Humans

When Salman Khan revealed that his film Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai would be releasing on digital platforms, his fans couldn’t contain their joy. The trailer was a treat for meme creators, and I’ve found my 50 most favourites of them all. This week, the makers dropped Radhe music album, and it is different from everything we have seen in Khan’s film so far.

Salman Khan’s movies have lots of songs – 2 songs just focusing on him, 2 songs objectifying women, 1 romantic track and 2 are made so that people can traumatise their enemies with them. But Radhe music album has only 4 songs, and believe me; it’s not good. In the last few years, except for Bajrangi Bhaijaan, I’m yet to find some decent songs in Khan’s films.

The four songs in Salman’s Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai are Seeti Maar, Dil De Diya, Radhe Title Track and Zoom Zoom. The videos of the first three songs are already out. But if you do not plan to watch/listen to the songs and are curious to know about them, I’ve explained them in detail in our Radhe music review.

Here’s what I think of songs from Radhe music album:

Seeti Maar

Seeti Maar was the first song released last week. The first song decides the movie’s fate, and that’s why the makers release only the best one. Composed by DSP, Shabbir Ahmed has penned down the lyrics, crooned by Kamaal Khan and Iulia Vantur. I’ve seen the video, and I will do anything to erase Disha Patani’s crazy and bizarre dancing alongside Salman Khan.

Radhe Music Review (Seeti Maar Still)
Seeti Maar still (Radhe Music Review)

Now coming to the song, whoever told Iulia Vantur that she can sing has committed an unforgivable sin. Here, I said it. The song is a recreation of Allu Arjun’s Telugu song of the same name, and I can keep listening to the original one despite not understanding anything. Unfortunately, this Radhe song is below average that will haunt you for days if you’ve watched the video like me.

Dil De Diya

Is it even a Salman Khan movie if there’s no item song? Himesh Reshammiya has composed the track, and Shabbir Ahmed has written the lyrics. Kamaal Khan and Payal Dev have sung the dance number that features Jacqueline Fernandez and Salman Khan.

Radhe Music Review (Dil De diya still)
Dil De Diya still (Radhe Music Album)

Despite it being an item song, it is slightly better (to our ears) than other songs in the album. Just slightly because it doesn’t give you a headache or makes you regret it instantly. The kids from the 90s will tell you that Himesh is a legend and how he ruled the mid-2000s with his good music. But Dil De Diya is one of his weakest works yet the tolerable one in the album. The song also reminds me of the Pardesiya song from Mr Natwarlal.

Radhe Title Track

Sajid Wajid has composed the title track for Radhe music album. Sajid has also written the lyrics and lent his voice. The video released yesterday, and Salman Khan is doing his usual ‘cool’ steps, which we have seen in every film. Disha Patani appears in the video in between. I feel sorry for her after watching the video. But that’s not the only bad thing.

Radhe Music Review (Radhe title track still)
Radhe Title track still (Radhe Music Review)

Radhe title track beats Dabangg 3’s title track as being the weakest Salman promotion song. One may think that at least the phrase ‘Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe’ will be catchy, but it is not. There is nothing memorable about the song.

Zoom Zoom

Ash King and Iulia Vantur have crooned the second Sajid Wajid composition. I feel sorry for Ash King that his talent got wasted, and he has to sing with Iulia. Even in the album of 4 songs, she has sung two tracks and that too horribly. The video is not yet out.

Kunal Vermaa has written the lyrics, and it seems like he took inspiration from social media influencers and Instagram captions for this one. If you don’t believe me, here’s a para – ‘Fit hai dude hai chehare pe glow hai
Ishq mein tu magar thoda sa slow hai
Cute hai cool hai thoda hot bhi hai
Saamne mere ho jata hai low hai.’

Radhe songs should be heard only if you want to pull off a prank on your sibling to annoy them to the core. It is also a perfect gift to that friend who once tortured you with some pathetic song in the past. Humans deserve better than this or at least Salman Khan fans.

You can listen to the entire album here while I sanitise my mind with some Arijit Singh songs.

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