8 Best Android Productivity Apps for a Better Day


Audible is an ad-free app consisting of a varied range of books from its 100,000 catalog of options; with titles and audiobooks you can listen to even when you are offline. Audible offers an advanced audiobook service that includes top audio quality without any hindrance and is a must-have productivity app.

If you have an Amazon Prime subscription, you get free access to Audible Channels – a prime selection of original shows from pristine sources alongside advanced recommendation tools. If you are a newbie, give audiobooks a try and see for yourself how your daily mundane commutes transform into one of the most productive parts of your day.

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Google Drive

Google Drive is a great productivity tool for Android which consists of key apps like Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, and Google Forms. Google Drive is arguably the best cloud storage app out there and it includes 15GB for free with all Gmail accounts. Among the productivity apps, it’s a great idea to have this one as a backup for all your important files as it’s very risky to store all your important files on your laptop or external drive alone.

With the help of a variety of handy tools in Google drive, one can collaborate with others using documents or spreadsheets which is really helpful for business collaborations and sharing data. With Google Drive, all your important files are kept in the cloud that gives easy access anytime and anywhere.

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Evernote is a great note-taking application with inbuilt features that help you create to-do lists and tasks, whether it be for work or personal things. The application helps you make things easier and faster. With Evernote by your side, you will never lose important notes ever again. The app also allows you to capture and attach documents, images, audio, save links, etc and then sync it to all of your other devices. The premium version of Evernote offers a lot of key features such as working offline and even scanning business cards.

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With Wunderlist, you get a Personalized UI where you can create grocery lists, make folders for similar lists, set due dates (for rent, bills, recharges, etc.) and even turn email into tasks! The tasks sync with the calendar and one can share their tasks with their teammates. Unlike many other to-do list apps, Wunderlist is not very complicated and what really makes it stand out from the rest of the productivity apps is that all the features available in Wunderlist are available for free. It puts you in the habit of making lists and helps you cope up with your busy hectic schedule.

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Wunderlist 3 teaser 001

Slack should be your go-to app when it comes to group messaging while working with a team on a particular project. Conversations in Slack are based around topics and there are different channels based on different domains of interest. It also connects your desktop files and your phone together in a very seamless way and unlike emails, it declutters and makes conversations more efficient. The app easily integrates with other productivity tools like ClickUp and the Office Suite. It’s one of the best productivity apps for Android and Apple, working wonders for team communication.

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Hootsuite is a social application designed to strengthen the social media strategies of teams and businesses. Hootsuite syncs your social media platforms to a single platform where you can post updates, connect with your customers, and even review responses of people in social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. Logging into numerous social media accounts can get tedious at times, this is where Hootsuite saves the day. Hootsuite is free to use up to 3 social profiles. It further helps in managing your accounts by scheduling posts, account tracking, and in viewing your social analytics.

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Hootsuite Engage Illustration

Todoist, one of the best productivity apps on our list, is a to-do app that helps you keep track of your personal errands, deadlines and goals, thus decluttering your life. Todoist allows you to manage your tasks throughout the day with reminders, email in tasks, due dates, and to-dos. With todoist, you also share a project with your team at work and even add additional features for your team.

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Todoist Android App

Pocket is one of the best read it later apps in the market. Pocket allows you to save any content you find on the web and read it later in a simpler, less-cluttered environment. It is a great app for news junkies as well as casual readers. Its features allow you to save and organize any of your articles which you can view offline and they also suggest a personalized reading list. With Pocket, you can read content anywhere at anytime!

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