6 Amazing Pilates Benefits You Need to Know

Started by Joseph Pilates to help out injured soldiers during WWI, Pilates has been around for almost a century, but it has gained momentum only recently. Pilates exercises mainly target the core and abdominal muscles focusing on spinal cord stability to give you a better aligned posture. Pilates has numerous health rewards, so read on for six great results you’ll take away.


1. Pilates tones your muscles

Joseph Pilates, the founder of this practice, used Pilates to rejuvenate injured soldiers during WWI. Today hundreds of businesses practice Pilates to provide similar injury rehabilitation services. Marina Kaydanova, founder of BK Pilates studio in New York City says, “Oftentimes, people feel that their body has been compressed, tense, and tight beforehand but leave the studio feeling looser and more aware of their body.” It does not give you bulky muscles to bulk up your body structure. In fact, all the elongation and stretching of your muscles aids in building a slender and lean body, stretching your limbs in one go.

Apart from muscle toning, bone-building is also a remarkable benefit of Pilates. Like muscles, bones react well to the resistance created by the equipment’s springs and resistance bands in a typical Pilates workout.


2. It gives you a rock-solid core

Easily the most well-known Pilates move to exist ever, “The Hundred” is all about abs. This form of exercise includes a lot of tummy-targeted exercises which makes it a dynamo-core workout. Pilates really hits your ‘powerhouse’ (core muscle), strengthens the core, and helps you achieve those washboard abs that you’ve been craving for!

To help you improve your body posture, this form of exercise requires you to keep proper alignment and focus on your core strength. It challenges your stability to stay balanced, which ultimately fires up your midsection. A strong core is very much essential to carry out everyday tasks such as lifting heavy items and picking up your shopping bags.


3. It makes you more flexible

No wonder such a form of exercise has been a favorite of dancers for decades because of the flexibility it bestows on your body alongside strengthening and stretching your body to make it more strong. It focuses on improving the length and flexibility of the muscles as well as building endurance.

lt naturally boosts your energy levels, improves your core strength, and helps you get rid of the tight muscles, and prevents injuries. With regular practice, you improve your breathing technique, increase blood circulation throughout your body, and improve your range of motion in the joints.


4. It improves your posture

The workout’s main focus is to maintain good alignment and balance since Pilates is all about connecting your muscles and building a better posture. In a typical session, you learn how to support yourself with your legs, glutes, and core with a deep understanding and awareness of your body. Poor posture results from bad habits such as slouching on your chair for long hours, which eventually leads to backache, headache, and other discomforts. Regular practice helps develop correct positioning of the spine, build a strong back, glutes and get rid of bad posture.


5. It might ease your aches

Pilates is effective for developing core strength, mobility, hip stability, and a healthy back. With all of the body-lengthening movements done, it helps relieve lower back pain by adding support to your core. Studies have shown how chronic lower back pain gradually disappears after practicing Pilates regularly. In many cases, individuals didn’t experience back pain for a whole year even after discontinuing the practice.


6. It might help you lose weight

Pilates boosts your metabolism and tones your body, bringing about a more healthy and rounded lifestyle. It has proven good for weight loss as it aids in creating lean muscle mass. It helps you achieve a leaner body mass, burns more fat, and increases muscle mass. An individual needs to burn at least 500 calories per day to lose a pound of body weight in one week. This form of exercise might help accelerate your weight loss journey if you practice moderate to intense exercises for 4-5 days a week for a minimum of 45 minutes.


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