Netflix’s Perfume Imaginary Museum Time Warp Review: A Visual Treat

Perfume Imaginary Museum is a 54 mins long movie is about a Japanese girl band, Perfume, performing in an imaginary museum for their fans. It’s currently streaming on Netflix, helmed by directors MIKIKO and Daito Manabe. 

This one-hour long movie is based on J-Pop performers Perfume, without the fragrance, but amazing creative visual effects. J-Pop has its own fan base, and it is reaching to attain success like K-Pop. 


We know about the BTS band, BlackPink and more K-Pop musicians and have great talent. They can sing, dance and entertain people, but this Perfume squad will not only sing and dance, but they will also blow your mind with the visual treatment.

The movie opens with a plot where many people are seen standing at a stadium waiting for a performer to enter and begin their concert but soon enough, they find out that the show got cancelled. This is from the time of COVID-19.

Perfume and their team didn’t want people to gather and get affected by the virus, which is why they cancelled the show, but they didn’t want their fans to get disappointed either. So, a few months later, they aired a virtual concert with outstanding visual drama, but a lot of their followers didn’t have the opportunity to witness the magic. Netflix then came in to stream it on their platform, and now everyone can watch Perfume Imaginary Museum on their screens.

This movie is a full Perfume concert, and for the J-Pop fans, this is your best opportunity to get grooving.

Perfume Imaginary Museum: What I liked

Well, I love music and dance and watching these three girls owning the stage grooving on the beats made me dance a bit too. What got my eyes mainly is the camera positioning and the visual effects with lights and background. It will immediately pump up your day. Also, it is only 54 mins long, so why not.

Why you can skip it

Well, if you tap on this movie thinking about some kind of fantasy K-drama or J-drama, then you will surely get disappointed. Because at first, I was too. If you think you will get to know about Perfume and the team’s journey like I did with Shawn’s Wonder and Selena Gomez’s docu-series, you will be displeased too because this one is a concert which is only and only dedicated to their fans.


So, what will you get at this virtual concert? A powerful girl band with three gorgeous Japanese girls, some super cool and crazy dance moves and obviously a bunch of their songs. The list will include Opera, Game, Electro World, Glitter, Chrome, Edge, Kiseki – Visualisation, Saisei and Time Warp. It’s a visually stunning performing treat that might get you hooked. 

Well, if you are a K-Pop fan and don’t know what’s all about J-Pop, give it a try and know it by yourself. It has no story or plot, or twist, but it may enhance your taste.

Perfume Imaginary Museum Time Warp is now streaming on Netflix.

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Perfume Imaginary Museum Time Warp is all about a concert that got cancelled with an amazing visual treatment
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