Paul Virzi: Nocturnal Admissions Review: Abundance of Witty Anecdotes

Paul Virzi is one of my favourite up-and-coming comedians. He’s the perfect example of a comic who is hilarious on stage but doesn’t take it too seriously. Watching him walk around in his show Nocturnal Admissions and interact with the audience kept me laughing and in my seat for the entire 65 minutes.

– Paul Virzi: Nocturnal Admissions Review doesn’t contain any spoilers –

Paul Virzi: Nocturnal Admissions Spills Secrets of His Life

Comedy has long been a staple in the entertainment industry. It started as a way to make people laugh, but it has since become an amazing way to bring light to important topics that people normally wouldn’t discuss. That’s what makes comedy so special — it’s relatable.

If a comedian is like a comedian who writes jokes, Paul Virzi is an anomaly. He might have the worst set of jokes the Sacramento Comedy Spot has ever seen – which isn’t saying much because most stories about comedians on stage begin with “that guy bombed harder than…” But what he lacks in material, he makes up for in charm and a quick wit.

Paul Virzi’s standup comedy may appear tame when compared to the acts of comedians like Daniel Tosh or Louis C.K., but his matter-of-fact delivery and normal-guy personality actually make him much funnier than the shock comics that dominate the current comedy scene. When I tell people this, they just shake their heads with a confused look on their faces.

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Paul Virzi is Not Your Typical Comedian in His Special: Nocturnal Admissions

Paul Virzi: Nocturnal Admissions Review: Abundance of Witty Anecdotes

Paul Virzi is one of the nicest guys in comedy. He’s got a knack for referencing everyday things without making it seem like he’s trying too hard — which is kind of why he works as a comedian. I had the privilege to see Paul Virzi deliver on all the observations that make him so endearing.

Some comedians don’t want to go big or go home, but comedian Paul Virzi is the type you hope will share all the juicy details on stage. From his accidental drugstore run to how his wife purposely sabotaged one of his fitness goals, Virzi spills on about some pretty embarrassing stories that made me laugh non-stop. It was like watching Seinfeld comedy episodes with him, except he’s not from New York and isn’t Jerry Seinfeld. That made it even funnier; it wasn’t the same old stand-up routine that I’ve seen in so many other cities before.

If you’re in the mood to let go and laugh at your neurotic self, Paul Virzi is ready and willing to help. That’s why I was so excited to review his latest show, Nocturnal Admissions — a show in which he manages to perfectly combine his dry sense of humour with a lot of personal confessions in order to make us laugh. And Let me tell you: When Virzi manages to get an audience cracking up, one of the best things about this comedian is that he makes it look so easy. He’s charming, confident and cursed with the ability to deliver punchlines like no one else.

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Paul Virzi’s Nocturnal Admissions is Truly Funny Material for Our Generation

Paul Virzi’s one-man show is a hysterical take on repressed rage, impending death and failed resolutions. More than just cookies and milk, this standup comedy act will have you laughing so hard you’ll wish you stayed up for sunrise.

paul virzi

One of the things I love about comedy is that it can cover a wide range of subject matter. Sometimes you’ve got your guys that are hard-hitting and cover politics, sports, or the ever-growing genre of race comedy. Then you have your guys like Paul Virzi who are looking to make you laugh first and foremost, but also happen to be a little bit (or a lot) goofy.

I liked Paul Virzi: Nocturnal Admissions. I am a big fan of comedy in general and while I find it hard to think of myself as a particular style of person, if there’s one way I would describe this show it would be “clean.” Meaning that there’s nothing bad or horrible said, not even anything all that risque.

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Stream it or Skip it?

Paul Virzi may not be the most prolific or well-known comedian on the circuit, but he may be the funniest. His observations about life—from large to small—made for an easy listen.

Paul Virzi: Nocturnal Admissions is currently streaming on Netflix.

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Paul Virzi's easy and goofy style makes watching Nocturnal Admissions an easy win.

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Paul Virzi: Nocturnal Admissions Review: Abundance of Witty AnecdotesPaul Virzi's easy and goofy style makes watching Nocturnal Admissions an easy win.