Paul Feig Failed to Get Harry Styles in His Movies, Says “He’s a Big-Shot Now”

Director Paul Feig has shared that he’s tried and failed to persuade the One Direction star Harry Styles to take on a role in several of his movies. The ‘Bridesmaids’ director asked the former ‘One Direction star’ to play Henry Golding’s role as Tom Webster in his 2019 rom-com ‘Last Christmas’ but he ultimately declined as he felt he was “too young” for the part of the ghost.

The 59-year-old filmmaker quipped that the 27-year-old pop star is too much of a “big-shot now” to star in one of his films, reports Feig is quoted by The Sun newspaper’s Bizarre column as saying: “I love Harry. We wanted him to play the part that Henry Golding played but he turned it down because he felt he was too young for the role.

“I’ve tried to get him in a few movies. Harry is a big-shot now. Maybe we will get him when he is on the way down,” says Paul Feig.

Since his big-screen debut in Christopher Nolan’s 2017 war epic ‘Dunkirk’, Styles has gone on to land roles in Marvel’s ‘Eternals’, psychological thriller ‘Don’t Worry Darling’, and the romantic-drama ‘My Policeman’.

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Paul Feig on Harry Styles
Harry Styles in Dunkirk

Eternals‘ director Chloe Zhao revealed just last week that she had “kept tabs” on Styles since ‘Dunkirk’. The filmmaker admitted that Harry and Eros were very much a “package deal” and she only wanted to introduce the character to her movie if he was portrayed by the ‘Adore You’ singer.

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