Paris Hilton Gives a Sexy Spin to Disney’s Cinderella

New York’s leading ‘It Girl’ Paris Hilton offered us a Halloween surprise we weren’t ready for. The socialite-entrepreneur decided to pursue the appeal of being bold and sexy as she gave a twist to Disney’s favourite princess. The helpless Cinderella who married her prince and waved her life into a happily ever after leaving her evil stepsisters behind is no surprise to anyone. What is surprising is imaging Cinderella be anything close to bold and provocative.

Well, Paris Hilton is here to prove us wrong as the media personality gave a spin of ‘sexy’ to the Disney princess Cinderella for Halloween. Paris Hilton shared a string of pictures on social media dressed up as the princess but with a twist. Instead of wearing a floor-sweeping ice blue gown, she chose a thigh-length ensemble paired with gloves and a tiara.

Another spin added to the attire was that all her friends were dressed up as actors of the globally popular Korean show ‘Squid Game.’ Paris Hilton captioned the picture “#SexyCinderella plays #SquidGames #Halloween,” not missing a beat to be funny.

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The worldwide obsession of ‘Squid Game‘ was all the more visible during Halloween as every other celebrity decided to dress up in the iconic green tracksuit.

Meanwhile, Paris Hilton and her beau Carter Reum are all set to get married. The two got engaged in February this year after confirming their romance back in April 2020 and enjoyed a lavish joint bachelor and bachelorette party in Las Vegas earlier this month. Her wedding registry totals a staggering $60,000, as she and Reum have added items including a $1,000 crystal caviar server with a spoon, and a $4,885 Baccarat vase.

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