Paranormal Pornstars: A Show That You Didn’t Know You Needed

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Paranormal Pornstars | Amazon Prime Video
Paranormal Pornstars

Ah, the internet and the joys of the adult film industry (pun intended). If you’re into the parody stuff, then I’m sure you’ve come across quite a few that are into the racy Ghostbuster type.

However, what you didn’t know you needed was a new online series that features a group of adult film entertainers out hunting ghosts in real life, without scripts and, fortunately, or unfortunately, sex toys too.

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Paranormal Pornstars is the name of the show and it features 4 core members who are looking to find out the answer to a very important question – where do we go after we die?

A fateful move to new studio premises pushed founding member Lee Green and his brother Mitch right into the lap of inspiration. The pair apparently noticed strange and unexplained things happening in their Walsall-based building right off the bat – from bumps and bangs to fire extinguishers being thrown across the floor.

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However, the duo did not jump to conclusions at the get-go, and like any adult who is forced to, well, adult, thought that the unexpected noises were the result of an old building. The idea of a spirit, thus, did not even cross their mind.

Despite ignoring it previously, things came to a head (wink wink) when Lee was alone there one day and heard a loud crash from somewhere inside the building. His first instinct, however, was that someone had broken into the building. But he saw that a fire extinguisher had been thrown across the floor.

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Later on, at the studio, they heard footsteps on the deserted floor above them, taps turned on and toilets flushed by themselves as well as weird and random atmospheric changes. Up until this point the crew had come up with various excuses to explain the situation and not freak out until something happened that made the crew change their minds.

One day, during the daytime, Lee had wrapped up his work and had gone to a different room when he heard a moan coming from the far corner. Bewildered, he then walked out and started down the stairs when he heard the door on the top flood open and slam shut. What happened next, however, was a wake-up call for him. Just as he was standing on the staircase, he heard someone come down the staircase – right at him!

He couldn’t see anything though and had no equipment to record what was going on so he ran from there.

Lee, who told his brother about the incident, then decided to team up with a few of his friends to track down what was going on in the building, or who or what was inhabiting there.

So after that, Lee, Mitch and two of their friends, Tindra Frost and Hayley B, got to work to find out mysterious places and their eerie inhabitants. They claim to have caught a variety of paranormal encounters on camera.

With the help of a spirit box or straight-up disembodied, the team has caught spirits saying their names, children laughing, moans and screams. On top of that, they have also recorded spirits giving clear answers to their questions. Other than that, they have captured curtains being pulled down, a variety of orbs and people being touched.

The team, after receiving such compelling evidence, have turned ghost hunting into a full-time hobby. Thus, have traveled all over the UK with their cameras, a spirit box, voice recorders, and EMF readers. Apart from this, they also have special guest ghost hunters to accompany them on their mission.

The show is available on Amazon Prime, however, not yet in India. Episodes, however, are available on their YouTube channel.

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