Pam and Tommy Star Lily James on the Prosthetic Breasts Used in the Show

Lily James, the Hollywood actress majorly known for her roles in films like Rebecca, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Baby Driver, Darkest Hour and the lead character in the reboot of Cinderella. She is currently being seen in Disney+ miniseries Pam & Tommy, which is based on the relationship between Pamela Anderson and Motley Crue’s, drummer Tommy Lee and the leak of their infamous sex tape. She is seen alongside Sebastian Stan known for playing Bucky in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe.

Recently Lily James mentioned that she went through almost 50 sets of prosthetic breasts while filming the Disney+ miniseries ‘Pam & Tommy’, it has been revealed. The actress, 32, had a new pair of the gel-filled breasts fitted for each day of production in order to replicate those of Pamela Anderson’s 34DD assets, reports Dailymail.

During filming the scenes of Pam and Tommy, the Friction caused by her constant on-screen touching with co-star Sebastian Stan, who plays her then-husband Tommy Lee, forced the make-up department to ensure backup bosoms were to-hand. Lily James also spent an intense process of four hours in the hair-and-makeup chair before arriving on set looking like the Baywatch star’s double.

Jason Collins, the show’s head of makeup, said: “They’re made out of gel-filled silicone appliances, which move like real skin and absorb light similarly. We used a new pair every day for filming which meant having 50 made.” The team also worked through between 65 and 70 false foreheads during production, which began in April of last year. He continued: ‘We went through 65 to 70 foreheads throughout shooting.’

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Check Out Lily James in Pam & Tommy Trailer:

Last Wednesday the first three episodes of Lily James’s much-anticipated series ‘Pam & Tommy’ were released on Hulu in the US and Disney+ in Europe. The highly-anticipated show follows the theft of the couple’s sex tape from the safe in their basement of their Malibu home in 1995. In the lead up to the series, first glimpses and snippets of filming showed the ‘Downton Abbey’. Astar’s remarkable transformation into Pamela, complete with incredibly lifelike prosthetic breasts to replicate Pamela’s famous cleavage.

After the first episodes were released, they were greeted with a lukewarm reception, with critics praising Lily and Sebastian’s individual performances, while lambasting the series’ inconsistent tone. The flashing through time appeared to be an issue for critics while others were less than pleased with the show not receiving clearance from the couple in real life. As the first three episodes of the show unfurled, fans saw the incredibly X-rated side of the programme, which follows Lily and Sebastian playing the titular characters and the release of their sex tape in 1995.

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