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My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 20 Review: My Villain Academia

Making an entire episode based around the LoV was a bold move, and it paid out. My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 20 was everything I wanted it to be. It was dark, emotional, horrifying, and it gave me the answers I was looking for. Now, this is a direction to be proud of. Well done, My Hero Academia.

Netflix’s The Chair Review: Can’t Get Enough Of Sandra Oh!

The Chair Review: Sandra Oh takes us to Pembroke University, where she is assigned the Chair but has too much to handle from the beginning.

The Loud House Movie Review: Sweet But Fails To Leave An Impact

The Louds are in Scotland and things are about to get interesting! The Loud House Movie is streaming now

Netflix’s Everything Will Be Fine Review: Outstanding Series on Family Drama

Everything Will Be Fine Season 1 is a Mexican series on Netflix. It is about the a set of parents who are separated but still live together because of their kid.

Indian Film Festival of Melbourne 2021 Winners: Vidya Balan, Suriya, Mirzapur 2 And More

Indian Film Festival of Melbourne 2021: The winners of the prestigious festival are now announced. From Vidya Balan to Pankaj Tripathi, the list is exciting.

Explained Season 3 Episode 6 Recap: It’s Chess, Mate!

Explained Season 3 Episode 6 Recap: In today's episode, narrator Rainn Wilson tells us about the love for the game of Chess for centuries.

Netflix’s Man in Love (2021) Review: Unexpectedly Heartbreaking

Man in Love has some genuinely heartfelt moments that might make you weep, but the questionable premise will come to haunt you.

Zee5’s 200 Halla Ho Review: Attempts To Raise Voice Against Caste Inequality

Zee5 200 Halla Ho Review: A film highlighting the wrongdoings against the Dalit community, especially women makes some strong points.

Nine Perfect Strangers Review: Nicole Kidman’s Got All the Creepy Vibes

Nine Perfect Strangers is a weirdly confusing and interesting series that really gives you chills.

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The Flight Attendant Season 2 Finale: When and Where Will It Release?

Check out when the finale for The Flight Attendant Season 2 will release and what will happen next.

Wrong Side of the Tracks Review: Teen Angst, Drugs And Avenge

Wrong Side of the Tracks (Entrevías) is a Spanish crime drama series on Netflix. It follows the story of Tirso Abantos, who falls into a conflict with the local drug mafia while trying to protect his granddaughter.

Godspeed Reveiw: Engin Akyürek, Tolga Sarıtaş Show Heart and Brotherhood

Godspeed has a lot of heart, but I am scared to think that Salih coped with his trauma in a not-so-healthy way.

My Liberation Notes Episode 13 Recap: Gu Lives A Busy Life In Seoul But Longs For Mi-jeong

In My Liberation Notes Episode 13, the Yeom siblings take a step towards a different life.

Love Death and Robots Season 3 Reactions: Netizens Are Dazzled by the Latest Season!

Check out what Twitter has to say about Love Death and Robots Season 3!