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Our Beloved Summer Episode 1 Recap: Meet Choi Woo-shik and Kim Da-mi!

An enjoyable and warm first episode, Our Beloved Summer episode 1 opens to a world of possibilities between the two leads.

The King’s Affection Episode 17 Recap: Park Eun-bin and Rowoon Break Up?

The King's Affection episode 17 is a heavily emotional episode, one that breaks quite a few of our characters' hearts.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Tournament Of Houses Episode 2 Review: Ravenclaw Versus Slytherin

Harry Potter Hogwarts Tournament Of Houses Episode 2 hosts the show off between House Ravenclaw and House Slytherin.

Voir Season 1 Review: David Fincher and David Prior’s Love Letter to Cinema

Voir is a collection of video essays on Netflix that serve as a tribute to cinema.

David and the Elves (2021) Review: One Legendary Christmas Miracle

David and the Elves is a story about friendship, love and belief - one that will brighten up your Christmas!

Platinum End Episode 9 Review: Uglier Than The Sins He Does

Platinum End Episode 9 was foul, vile, and disgusting and had practically no redeeming qualities. The story was bad, the characters even worse, and the less said about the animation, the better.

Twitter Celebrates Charlie Cox’s Return With #SaveDaredevil Trend

Kevin Feige confirms Charlie Cox's return as Daredevil, Twitter rejoices.

Harry Potter: Return to Hogwarts Teaser: The Invitation Has Arrived

Harry Potter: Return to Hogwarts teaser is here to invite us all for some fun reunion episode to attend.

The Matrix Resurrections Trailer Announcement Clip Reveals Exciting New Details!

The Matrix Resurrections teaser updates us on a new trailer release and the first look at Jada Pinkett Smith's Niobe.


The Time Traveler’s Wife Season 2: Will Clare and Henry have a Child?

Find out what is going to happen in HBO Max's The Time Traveler's Wife Season 2.

Glamour Girls (2022) Review: What Exactly Is the Story About Again?

Glamour Girls is the latest crime drama film on Netflix, which shows the glamorous lives of 5 women as they get tangled in endangering situations.

Link: Eat Love Kill Episode 8 Recap and Review: The Art of Nostalgia

Link: Eat Love Kill episode 8 will make you go mad as you ask yourself who could've killed little Gye-young?!

Money Heist Korea Ending Explained, Will There Be a Season 2?

Money Heist Korea ended with a cliffhanger, but will the mysteries behind the characters be revealed? Read more to find out!

Two Summers Ending Explained: Who Is The Blackmailer and Will There Be A Season 2?

Two Summers (Twee Zomers) is a thriller series on Netflix, but what happened at the end of the series? Also, will there be a Season 2 happening?