Loki’s Owen Wilson Hosts Saturday Night Live And Fans Can’t Keep Calm!

Owen Wilson made his debut as a host during the 47th season of Saturday Night Live. The actor was recently seen beside Tom Hiddleston in the MCU series Loki as Mobius. However, Owen Wilson has been known for a far more iconic role amongst his fans. in fact, during his debut at SNL, he reprised in this particular role and fans have been going crazy ever since.

Owen Wilson’s Lightning McQueen in the Pixar movie Cars is something no one will ever forget. The Marley & Me actor took this opportunity as a host to reprise in his role beloved role but, with a twist. With a series of sketches rolling in the background, Wilson gave the audience a good laugh with adult-oriented jokes and what it this Pixar movie would feel like if it was R-rated.

Meanwhile, Owen’s appearance on SNL has sparked insane reactions all over Twitter- so hilarious and some overwhelming.

Twitter Reacts at Owen Wilson’s SNL Debut

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Meanwhile, the actor’s brothers, Luke Wilson and Andrew Wilson were seen being a part of the audience during SNL to support their brother. This sweet move definitely won all our hearts!

Fans have been remembering the Cars franchise through Wilson’s memorable performance at SNL. Some are expecting Cars 4 to even happen. However, there has been no word from Pixar about the same.

The first episode of Season 47 of Saturday Night Live also featured Kacey Musgraves as the musical guest. Meanwhile, the upcoming episode is going to feature Kim Kardashian West as the host and, Halsey as the musical guest.

Overall, it was lovely seeing Owen Wilson take the stage and revive all our childhood memories with the twist of adult-life understanding!

You can watch Saturday Night Live on Peacock TV.

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