Our Kind of People Episode 1 Recap: Over the Top But Funny

Our Kind of People Episode 1 was released on Disney+ Hotstar on 22nd September 2021. The show focuses on a single mother, her teenage daughter, and her aunt who move to a super posh locality after her mother dies. The show is created by Karin Gist and stars Yaya DaCosta, Morris Chestnut, Alana Bright, Rhyon Nicole Brown, Joe Morton, and Kyle Bary among other cast members.

The episodes are scheduled to release once every week. Our Kind of People is a drama TV show that is based upon the book Our Kind of People: Inside America’s Black Upper Class by Lawrence Otis Graham. This week’s episode was close to 45 minutes long.

Trailer for Our Kind of People

– Our Kind of People recap contains spoilers –

The show starts with Angela, a single mother moving to a posh locality with her daughter Nikki and her aunt, shortly after her mother passes away. She is a small business owner and wants to make a big name for it. This is her mother’s dream and has now become hers. To do this, she must get in with the posh crowd they are now surrounded with.

The family makes a short stop at the beach, and while they play in the water, Angela is struck by the realization that she will never see her mother again. They cheer up quickly, however, thinking how she’d react if she was with them.

Parallelly, we see the family of Franklin-Dupont, the poshest crowd of them all. We’re talking private jets and yacht parties rich. We can already see how Angela and the family will forever be at odds with each other.

Our Kind of People Episode 1 Recap: Over the Top But Funny

Angela is back in her childhood home and starts to remember her troublesome young years, where she was forced to grow up without a father. Meanwhile, Nikki is afraid she won’t fit in with the crowd here, and Angela reassures her that anyone would be lucky to be her friend.

That night, Angela and Nikki go to a spring party organized by none other than the Franklin-Duponts, where while Angela is nothing but civil, the family has already started to treat her with contempt. Nikki meets Quincy Dupont, the son and they hit it off before his sister interrupts them.

Angela also has her fair share of fun and catches the eye of one of the eligible bachelors at the party.

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Our Kind of People Episode 1 Recap: Over the Top But Funny
A still from Our Kind of People Episode 1

A few days later, both Angela and Nikki get invited to different parties, Nikki to Quincy’s and Angela to said the unnamed bachelor. At Quincy’s yacht party, a girl jumps overboard, and Nikki gets roped into the mess. Thankfully, Angela intervenes and saves things from escalating but Nikki gets in trouble for drinking and smoking.

Angela tries to join the sisterhood as a means to network for her business, but the Duponts are reluctant to take her in, in Our Kind of People episode 1. At the fundraising fashion show, Angela steps up and does the hair when the official hairstylist drops out at the last minute. However, the Duponts are determined to bring her down and reveal to the whole party that Angela’s mother peddled drugs. Angela herself is unaware of this and investigates further into the matter.

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A still from Our Kind of People Episode 1
A still from Our Kind of People Episode 1

Through certain evidence, she realizes the father she never met is none other than Teddy Franklin, the head of the Franklin family. To test this theory, she goes to the Dupont house and asks for her wig back. There, Leah assures her that she is sorry for what happened and that they are two very different sides of the same coin.

Once Angela gets the wig back, she finds some of Leah’s hair in it, and seals it in a plastic bag, presumably for a DNA test. Our Kind of People Episode 1 ends here.

Final Verdict: Our Kind of People Episode 1

The genre is drama, so what can you really expect? There’s a lot that happens in each episode and before really getting to know the characters, we dive headfirst into the action. This gets a little disorienting especially with Our Kind of People Episode 1, and so it takes a while to get used to the setting.

Hopefully, the next episode gives us more about the characters and not just the plot.

Our Kind of People Episode 1 is now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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Our Kind of People episode 1 introduces a lot of drama but is quite a fun watch regardless.


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