Our Blues Episode 4 Recap: Kim Woo-bin Makes Courage to Approach Han Ji-min

Our Blues (우리들의 블루스) is a Korean drama series directed by Kim Kyu-tae and features Lee Byung-hun, Shin Min-a, Cha Seung-won, Lee Jung-eun, Han Ji-min, Kim Woo-bin, and Uhm Jung-hwa, alongside other cast members. The series has 20 episodes, and Our Blues episode 4 is titled Yeong-ok and Jeong-jun 1 and has a runtime of 61 minutes.

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– Our Blues episode 4 Recap contains spoilers –

The episode begins with Shin Min-a waking up in a sweat when her husband calls for her. Seon-a has been suffering from depression and she seems to have given up on life. Her husband has been managing the home and office all by himself. Seon-a sleeps all day without the sense of passing time and refuses to take a treatment. Her husband disappointedly asks her to get some will to live for their son, if not for herself.

Our Blues Episode 4, Kim Woo-bin

Down in Jeju, Yeong-ok has been hanging out with Captain Bae for a while and he gets all clingy to her and asks her to go to the motel with him. The captain is drunk, hence, Yeon-ok fools him and goes home instead. While on their way back, Jeong-jun sees Yeong-ok in the captain’s car and goes to check on her.

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Jeong-jun makes Captain Bae leave and impressed by him, Yeong-ok asks Jeong-jun to go on a walk with her. She has got the idea of Jeong-jun’s feelings towards her and tells him all about her past relationships. Yeong-ok is infamous in the neighbourhood for flirting with every man. Knowing this, Jeong-jun’s feelings still don’t change. Instead, he wonders if he should go for it or not.

Our Blues Episode 4 Recap: Kim Woo-bin Makes Courage to Approach Han Ji-min

Ho-shik’s daughter is top of the school and the class president while In-gwon’s son is the vice president of the class. Ho-shik’s daughter, Young-joo is bold and Eun-hui often scolds her for being mannerless. While on their way to school, she mentions to Jung Hyun that she has missed her periods and he should get some money ready in case they need it. Looks like the children of two rivals have been in a relationship. If Young-joo is really pregnant, what will be their fathers’ reactions?

Our Blues Episode 4 Ending

Yeong-ok swims beyond their bounds to collect the abalones and her teammates are worried that she might have drowned. Most of her teammates are senior citizens and they are already mad at her for lying to them. In this small town, Yeong-ok has told different people, different stories about her mother; even to her own teammates. There are rumours that she has a family on the mainland because she always gets calls that she never receives. At this rate of her complaints, she might soon get kicked out from their team.

Our Blues Episode 4 Recap: Kim Woo-bin Makes Courage to Approach Han Ji-min

Captain Bae calls Jeong-jun a wimp and challenges him to ask Yeong-ok out. He believes that Yeong-ok is flirting with Jeong-jun just like him and will reject him as well. Jeong-jun decides to confess his feeling to Yeong-ok and as per her suggestion, they meet inside his bus. Despite his doubts, Jeong-jun asks Yeong-ok out and while he was ready to give her some time to think, she accepts right away. How long will this relationship run? Or will Yeon-ok hurt Jeong-jun like she always warns?

Our Blues Episode 4 Review

The series now moves on from the story of Eun-hui and Han-su to Jeong-jun and Yeon-ok, a relatively younger couple. Yeong-ok has lived in many places and done different sorts of jobs. Her behaviour is erratic and it also shows in her romantic endeavours. She seems to have a lot of secrets. Jeong-ok is born and brought up in Jeju and has been living a simpler life than her. He is steady and calm about his approach to life, opposite to Yeong-ok. An interesting couple with completely different lifestyles has come together.

Our Blues is available to watch on Netflix.

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Kim Woo-bin and Han Ji-min flirt with each other in Our Blues Episode 4.

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Kim Woo-bin and Han Ji-min flirt with each other in Our Blues Episode 4.Our Blues Episode 4 Recap: Kim Woo-bin Makes Courage to Approach Han Ji-min