Our Blues Episode 2 Recap: Cha Seung-won and Lee Jung-Eun’s Second Episode Stagnates

Our Blues (우리들의 블루스) is a Korean drama series directed by Kim Kyu-tae and features Lee Byung-hun, Shin Min-a, Cha Seung-won, Lee Jung-eun, Han Ji-min, Kim Woo-bin, and Uhm Jung-hwa, alongside other cast members. The series has 20 episodes, and Our Blues episode 2 is titled Han-su and Eun-hui 2 and has a runtime of 72 minutes.

Netflix describes the series as:


– Our Blues episode 2 recap contains major spoilers –

Our Blues episode 2 starts with Dong-seok and Sun-a enjoying a joyride on a beach 7 years ago. The two look absolutely full of happiness as they play on the beach all night long and enjoy a run along the water as the sun comes up. As the fun ends, he kisses her and she is taken aback by the sudden showcase of affection… she does not seem amused and immediately calls a taxi. He stops her and agrees to get in his car but makes it clear that she doesn’t like him.

our blues episode 2
Still From Our Blues Episode 2

He asks her why she’d think they were at the beach at night in the first place and tells her that a man and a woman cannot be friends. Then moves on to the classic “I know you have feelings for me.” Although he tries to convince her she makes it clear that that’s not the case. In the end, he asks her why she doesn’t have feelings for him, is he not worth her feelings?

In the present, Dong-seok is selling literally everything that one can want. However, when he learns of another truck that made rounds in this particular region and totally loses his marbles. He starts screaming at the customers, throws his stuff on the street and vows to never come back. Meanwhile, Eun-hui is excited about the reunion but his wayward brother’s tendency to sponge money off of her gets on her nerves. On the other hand, Han-su gives up all self-preservation and sends his sister a text to borrow 20 million won.

He then rushes to the reunion while Eun-hui and her friends get into a drunken bathroom fight. When Han-su finally appears, he and his “first love” get down on the karaoke floor when they absolutely rock out. As Dong-seok also joins, it’s a grand affair that honestly seems quite fun. However, In-gwon pays for the entire reunion using Han-su’s card, Eun-hui gets annoyed and goes to find the card’s actual owner. She gets to know that he had to pay 1.8 million won and you know how that’s going to fair once Han-su stops vomiting and wakes up from his booze-induced coma.

our blues episode 2
Still From Our Blues Episode 2

Anyway, that night, after dropping everyone off, Jung-joon goes to the café but much to his chagrin, it seems, Yeong-ok leaves within the next 5 minutes after receiving a text from a mysterious number. Meanwhile, Eun-hui and Han-su sit out in front of a store and talk about school life. As Eun-hui leaves, he reads his sister’s text which, essentially, asks him to fuck off.

Sitting outside his house in Eun-hui’s car, he opts to go with her to where she’s headed, considering he has nowhere to go and nothing to do. After finishing the morning chores, they head to the beach and reminisce about their school lives and how they used to come to the beach in their school uniforms. She mentions how they were all so full of spirit and life and Han-su mentions that he hated being poor but his friends helped him forget the worries in his life.

Han-su seems exhausted with his life and he mentions that as well. Eun-hui disagrees, but it’s quite evident considering which direction his life has now taken. He thinks back to his past self and rushes into the water and just floats while Eun-hui screams at him to come back – he’s going to catch a cold! While he floats, he weirdly asks Eun-hui to borrow some money which she is unable to hear. He then suggests that they should go to Mokpo; she agrees and says that she’ll go only if the two of them go there.

our blues episode 2
Still From Our Blues Episode 2

At home, he gets a text from his daughter saying that she wants to give up golf. He calls her back and she and her mother reiterate that they don’t want to do this anymore. Neither of them wants to end up dirt poor. Just then Eun-hui rings the doorbell and, for some reason, Han-su hides his family’s photos, seemingly coming up with a plan. Eun-hui is there with food which the two of them share together.

As they take turns changing each others’ bandages, Han-su lies to his friend that he has separated from his wife. He brings up the topic of going to Makpo and she refuses to go since it wouldn’t be right. In that case, he says, he’ll have to go alone.  

The next morning, as the market is buzzing with people who are busy with selling their fares, Eun-hui can’t help but think about what Han-su had told him. After some thought, she agrees to go to Mokpo with him, but as friends. At the office, Han-su, meanwhile, gets to know that Eun-hui moved her money from another bank to SS Bank and asked him to take the credit. Unfortunately, word of his and his wife’s borrowing tendencies are spreading everywhere he goes.

They soon go off to Mokpo and on the way, they talk about past memories and listen to songs together.

Final Thoughts: Our Blues Episode 2

our blues episode 2
Still From Our Blues Episode 2

I think Our Blues really isn’t opening up the point of its story yet and it’s a bit frustrating. Sure, it’s easy-breezy and quite nice to watch in pockets. However, as a story as a whole, it’s difficult to pinpoint what it’s trying to say at the moment. With how many secrets Han-su is keeping from Eun-hui, it almost feels like he’ll murder her to get her money which seems implausible but at this point, that’s the vibe the show is giving. Or is he going to romance her to give him money? I am confused.

Also, we see Dong-seok and Sun-a once and that is never again visited in the 72-minute runtime. Who is this girl? Why did we see her? Does she come back sometime later? Why does Dong-seok think that the world owes him something? The series leaves such with such questions and more, and I guess we’ll have to wait a bit to find the answers. Either way, Our Blues episode 2 feels a bit unnecessary and dragged since it literally doesn’t add anything worthwhile and just repeats what we have already seen.

That being said, I love the breezy background score and the scenes of the busy markets. They really are wonderful!

Our Blues is streaming on Netflix.

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Our Blues Episode 2 kind of feels like an extension of the last episode that repeats how nice the title characters' school lives were.

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Our Blues Episode 2 kind of feels like an extension of the last episode that repeats how nice the title characters' school lives were.Our Blues Episode 2 Recap: Cha Seung-won and Lee Jung-Eun's Second Episode Stagnates