Our Blues Episode 14 Recap: Yeong-ok And Jeong-jun Face A Problem In Their Relationship

Our Blues (우리들의 블루스) is a Korean drama series directed by Kim Kyu-tae and features Lee Byung-hun, Shin Min-a, Cha Seung-won, Lee Jung-eun, Han Ji-min, Kim Woo-bin, and Uhm Jung-hwa, alongside other cast members. The series has 20 episodes, and Our Blues Episode 14 is titled Yeong-ok, Jeong-jun And Yeong-hui-1 and has a runtime of 73 minutes.

Netflix describes the series as:


– Our Blues Episode 14 Recap contains spoilers –

In Our Blues Episode 14, Mi-ran has left Jeju and Eun-hui is back to her mundane life. While selling fish, the necklace that Mi-ran gave her falls off and reminds Eun-hui of her. The grandmothers tell Eun-hui that Mi-ran had a lot to tell her but couldn’t because Eun-hui was always busy. Eun-hui then finds out that Mi-ran’s family life was totally collapsed and even her daughter was ashamed of her.

Our Blues Episode 14
Still from Our Blues Episode 14

Eun-hui flies to Seoul to meet Mi-ran because she didn’t pick up her calls. Mi-ran and Eun-hui talk out their problems and when Mi-ran says that Eun-hui is the only person she can rely on and be comfortable with, Eun-hui realizes that she also doesn’t have a family and has only Mi-ran whom she can rely on. They mend their broken friendship before it was too late.

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Yeon-ok and Jeong-jun have returned from their trip and they are all in love with each other. Jeong-jun is on cloud nine and finally taking a step toward buying his own apartment. He sends a video to Yeong-ok and asks her to check out the apartment that he has been looking to buy. He is dating her with the intention to get married but Yeong-ok gets uncomfortable. Just before his message, she had got a call from Seoul that her sister is going to visit her in Jeju.

Our Blues Episode 14
Still from Our Blues Episode 14

Yeong-hui is Yeong-ok’s twin sister who has down syndrome. She lives in Seoul within a facility for disabled people. However, she works a part-time job and knows how to socialize. It took a lot of training for her to be able to do that. Yeong-ok left her in Seoul and moved places to make money but she hasn’t met Yeong-hui in two years and hence, Yeong-hui tries to take a taxi from Seoul to Jeju. Seeing her strong will, the caretaker sends Yeonng-hui to meet Yeong-ok in Jeju but Yeong-ok isn’t happy about it.

Our Blues Episode 14 Ending

On the next day, Yeong-ok sends Jeong-jun a text message that she hates clingy men and dates only for fun and not to get married. She suggests they break up. Jeong-jun gets angry at a sudden break-up over a text message and asks Yeong-ok to talk it out. Yeong-ok is reluctant in discussing the breakup but Jeong-jun follows her to the airport.

Our Blues OST: With You By Jimin and Ha Sung-woon

Jeong-jun gets flustered after seeing Yeong-hui but later apologizes to both of them. Yeong-ok reveals that after her parents passed even her uncle got sick of taking care of Yeong-hui and all of her ex-boyfriends broke up with her because of Yeong-hui. Even Yeong-ok herself ran away from Seoul because of her. Jeong-jun assures Yeong-ok that he won’t give up on her or her sister. Yeong-ok doesn’t believe him but is ready to see how long he can handle them.

Our Blues Episode 14 Review

Our Blues Episode 14 is about love, trust and loyalty. Eun-hui goes back to Mi-ran because of love and loyalty and they are able to mend their broken trust. Yeong-ok doesn’t believe that anyone can love her enough to accept her with her sick sister but Jeong-jun promises to prove his love and loyalty. The episode also briefly touches the topic of people with down syndrome and shows them living a life like everyone else.

Our Blues Episode 14 is available to watch on Netflix.

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In Our Blues Episode 14, Yeong-ok's sister from Seoul visits her in Jeju.

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Our Blues Episode 14 Recap: Yeong-ok And Jeong-jun Face A Problem In Their RelationshipIn Our Blues Episode 14, Yeong-ok's sister from Seoul visits her in Jeju.