Our Beloved Summer Teaser: Kim Da Mi And Choi Woo Sik Bring a Sweet But Chaotic Story

Our Beloved Summer Teaser takes you on a trip down the memory lane. It is a rollercoaster ride which will make you experience a bountiful amount of nostalgia, budding friendships and a long-lost romance. Our Beloved Summer is a romantic comedy television series created by Studio N. It has a total of 16 episodes.

The trailer brings a lot of emotions out. It seems like a love story that carries a lot of heart in it. The documentary was originally filmed around 10 years ago but it has suddenly gained immense popularity among the audience, due to which the actors were forced to be in front of the camera together once again, bringing forth their complex feelings of love and romance.

An image from teaser of Our Beloved Summer.
A still from teaser of Our Beloved Summer

The story of Kim Da Mi & Choi Woo Sik’s Our Beloved Summer revolves around a couple who just broke up saying “It was an awful time with you, let’s never meet again!”  The actors have been through a feeling of nostalgia which is very deep. It’s like we are taken back to 19-year-olds Guk Yeon Su, portrayed by Kim Da Mi and Choi Woong, essayed by Choi Woo Shik’s school days. The story seems to be packed with a lot of emotions.

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The show will display the fun-loving camaraderie of Guk and Choi that somehow leads up to the two swearing never to see each other again. However, they are way too connected and can’t stay away from each other for long, as they go about playing pranks, chasing each other down the hallways, the two play a very important role in one another’s lives, irrespective of the fact that they like it or not.

Checkout the teaser of Our Beloved Summer below:

Later in the teaser, we will see them as full-on adults. The story keeps going forward and backwards between the two time periods. Get ready to witness a tale of love full of twists and turns on December 6 at 10 pm KST (6:30 pm IST) on SBS drama.

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