Our Beloved Summer Episode 7 Recap: Choi Woo-shik and Kim Da-mi Face Their Fears

Our Beloved Summer, or Geu Hae Urineu/그 해 우리는, is a Kdrama TV series directed by Kim Yoon-jin and stars Choi Woo-shik, Kim Da-mi, Park Jin-joo and Kim Sung-cheol, alongside other cast members. The series has 16 episodes. Our Beloved Summer episode 7 has a runtime of 60 minutes long and is titled Catch Me If You Can.

Years after filming a viral documentary in high school, two bickering ex-lovers get pulled back in front of the camera — and into each other’s lives.

– Our Beloved Summer episode 7 recap contains major spoilers –

Our Beloved Summer episode 7 starts with Ung telling the documentary crew that he has always been someone to run away from his problems. It’s absolutely hilarious watching a young Ung sitting on a tree to get away with not presenting in class. The trend continued when Ung was in high school and in university. Thus, he is quite comfortable running away. However, the other night’s conversation with Yeon-su is not something he had envisioned for himself.

When Eun-ho tells him, thus, that Yeon-su and a bunch of others are going to come over to his place, he runs away. Meanwhile, Yeon-su thinks that running away is cowardly and not something that she does – except the other night, when she used her drunkenness as an excuse to run away. It turns out that both of them ran away from meeting each other.

our beloved summer episode 7

As the others sit there wondering what happened, it turns out that both Yeon-su and Ung have ended up at the park and then at the library. Both are shocked that they are face to face yet again after trying to run away from this exact situation. After an awkward conversation, Ung asks Yeon-su to eat together.

They go to his family’s eatery where his family is extremely happy to see her again. The two again have an awkward conversation over food and when he asks her how she’s been, she just says that she’s been fine. When he brings up last night’s conversation, she asks him to forget it since she was quite drunk. Ung seems bewildered by her reply but doesn’t say anything.

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While walking back home, he tells her that this is how he felt throughout their relationship. That she would say something and he’d have to accept it. Thus, when she wanted to break up, he had no other choice but to accept it without saying anything. Yeon-su is taken aback by Ung’s candid confession and is even more shocked when he says that he’s sick of this and just walks away from her.

Meanwhile, NJ, in a bid to run away from her problems and mean people around her meets Ung, who seems to be the only person to give her solace. While they have a light-hearted conversation, in Our Beloved Summer episode 7, Yeon-su goes out looking for him. When she does find him at the playground with NJ, she is a bit taken aback, having not known that Ung was this close to someone. Ung, meanwhile, asks NJ why she keeps showing so much interest in him and she tells him that she likes him. This causes him to drop his ice cream in the sand.

our beloved summer episode 7

NJ clarifies that she doesn’t love him, nor is she interested in dating him, but her difficult life becomes a bit better when she meets him. But before that conversation can go forward, a bunch of kids come over to get her autograph and she leaves. On the other hand, Ji-ung and Yeon-su walk down from the park where they have a casual conversation about Ung and dating.

When Ung comes back home, he finds his apartment trashed in Our Beloved Summer episode 7. The next morning, Ung and Yeon-su are “abducted” from their homes by the documentary crew and Eun-ho and are taken through picturesque roads to a remote house in the mountains.

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In the epilogue, we see Yeon-su in class and Ung isn’t in school. She asks for permission to go home early and comes across Ung at the library. She tries to tell him that the book he has with him might be too advanced for him but he tells her the reason why he is re-reading that book – it shuts her up fast.


NJ faces a lot of bad comments from people for no reason.

Final Thoughts: Our Beloved Summer episode 7

our beloved summer episode 7

This episode was all about running away – from all that makes the characters sad and uncomfortable. But somewhere between then and now, both Ung and Yeon-su seem to have grown up from what running away meant then. It’s a somewhat bittersweet episode with a lot of fluff in the form of Ji-ung’s new writer. She’s annoying. Anyway, next episode there is hope for reconciliation and both their characters seem to go through some serious self-reflection. The complexities of breaking up with someone you love and meeting them one more time after years can be tough and nothing says that more than Our Beloved Summer.

Also, Ung and Yeon-su got kidnapped – hilarious.

Our Beloved Summer is streaming on Netflix.

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Our Beloved Summer episode 7 has our protagonists face their fears and stand up for themselves.

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Our Beloved Summer Episode 7 Recap: Choi Woo-shik and Kim Da-mi Face Their FearsOur Beloved Summer episode 7 has our protagonists face their fears and stand up for themselves.