Our Beloved Summer Episode 11 Recap: Choi Woo-shik and Kim Da-mi Find Each Other

Our Beloved Summer, or Geu Hae Urineu/그 해 우리는, is a Kdrama TV series directed by Kim Yoon-jin and stars Choi Woo-shik, Kim Da-mi, Park Jin-joo and Kim Sung-cheol, alongside other cast members. The series has 16 episodes. Our Beloved Summer episode 11 has a runtime of 61 minutes and is titled Our Nights Are More Beautiful Than Your Days.

Years after filming a viral documentary in high school, two bickering ex-lovers get pulled back in front of the camera — and into each other’s lives.

– Our Beloved Summer episode 11 recap contains major spoilers –

Our Beloved Summer episode 11 starts with Ung discussing why he never wanted to study outside alone. The poor thing wanted to study outside with Yeon-su and build a life together, but unfortunately, she dumps him without an explanation. He’s discussing this during the interview with Ji-ung, also the fact that he has seen the videos of Yeon-su on Ji-ung’s computer is kind of reigning heavy on him.

Plus, the paparazzi shots of NJ and Ung have gone viral and everyone is trying to make sense of what is going on. Ung and NJ seem to be enjoying the scandal but Ung’s heart is still with Yeon-su somewhere. Meanwhile, Yeon-su is unhappy with the scandal and wonders why he likes her, although she also doesn’t want to know about what Ung and NJ are doing at the same time.

our beloved summer episode 11
Still From Our Beloved Summer episode 11

Unfortunately, though, she ends up at Ung’s place with a bunch of jujube fruits and is not entirely sure why. As she is waiting, she comes across NJ who has come to congratulate Ung for his first dating scandal. They talk to each other about whether either of them is dating Ung and their relationship with him, but the conversation really just hangs there – just like Ung’s relationship with Yeon-su and NJ.

On the last day of the shoot, in Our Beloved Summer episode 11, Ung is again nowhere to be found. Yeon-su and Eun-ho try to find him but Ung is helping Yeon-su’s grandmother with groceries. At her home,he finds jujube being dried and realises that Yeon-su was at his place. A fated talk with her grandmother makes him realise that he is still in love with Yeon-su and that she cares for him just as much.

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our beloved summer episode 11
Still From Our Beloved Summer episode 11

That night, Yeon-su finds him eating alone and joins him for drinks. So, she asks him to come clean about his feelings and when he doesn’t say anything, she decides to do all the talking. She tells him that she cannot be friends with him. He tells her that he missed her – he always did. The confession is enough to drive Yeon-su to tears. Ung says that he resented her at first but realised that it is because he wanted her to love him, and only him.

Through tears, Ung asks Yeon-su to keep loving him and never let him go. Yeon-su, also sobbing, agrees.

In the epilogue, Yeon-su and Ung lie down on the road to see the top of a tall building. Apparently, it’s a trick his “real” dad had told him. His real dad, who abandoned him on the street one night. It’s so heartbreaking to watch this section. Choi Woo-shik is just so good in this moment – the way he says the story and then breaks down will touch your heart. Yeon-su comforts a sobbing Ung and kisses him.

Final Thoughts: Our Beloved Summer episode 11

our beloved summer episode 11
Still From Our Beloved Summer episode 11

What an exceptionally emotional episode! Our Beloved Summer delivered a heart-touching episode with something that is absolutely visceral and raw. Apart from Ung’s confession in the epilogue, the entire episode itself is filled with the two of them coming to their own realisations about life and love. The chemistry between the two is just so good that it can drive anyone to tears!

Our Beloved Summer is streaming on Netflix.

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Our Beloved Summer episode 11 got me with its sweet and empathetic storytelling and an ending that drove me to tears.


  1. Like highly of your recap and review. I really got teary eyed in episode 11 ( even in other episodes that Da mi and Ung encounter each other), much provoked by how the actors controlled their emotions. I really felt their inner feelings. Your recap makes me want to go back and enjoy again the beautiful scenes in the episode.


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