Our Beloved Summer’s Christmas Tree by V of BTS Will Tug on Your Heartstrings, Fans Get Emotional

Our Beloved Summer series is winning hearts not only for its story but songs. Kim Tae-Hyung, aka V of BTS, has crooned the track ‘Christmas Tree’ for the K-drama. The series stars Kim Da-mi, Choi-Woo-shik, Kim Seong-cheol and Roh Jeong-eui. So far, the makers have released 6 episodes.

When the song was first featured in episode 1, fans were ecstatic. They couldn’t get enough of the singer’s mellifluous voice in the touching track. The BTS’ V’s Christmas Tree song is a calming melody with a pleasant acoustic guitar touch and a lot of emotions and affection. The lyrics are deep too.

After seeing all the love that was showered on the OST, the makers have finally released it on various music platforms. It is now officially available on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and Amazon for fans to enjoy. The release of such a mesmerising track has made all the show’s fans and Kim Tae-hyung quite happy.

A lot of fans took to their Twitter page to share their reactions. One user wrote, “We have Taehyung’s soulful vocals caressing our ears & hearts this season as CHRISTMAS TREE BY V IS HERE! Let’s work at these goals for Tae during his blessed birthday week as we receive this gift with gratitude โ™ก”.

Christmas Tree song by V for Our Beloved Summer

Another fan wrote, “this is so beautiful. Pleading faceLoudly crying facePurple heart thank you so much taehyung”. “His voice is really something, makes you you feel a lot of emotions,” tweeted another fan.

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Check out fans’ reactions to V’s Christmas Tree song from Our Beloved Summer:

You can listen to the song Spotify here.

The show releases every new episode on Netflix on Monday and Tuesday at 8 PM (IST).

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