Netflix’s Operation Christmas Drop Review: A Heartwarming Military Romance

Operation Christmas Drop is Netflix’s new gift this holiday season and even though it seems predictable, it brings its sunshine unpredictably. The new movie not only focuses on romance, but it is also a tribute to the military that works every day to make the world a better place.

Operation Christmas Drop was a tradition that started in 1952 that serves a training mission for the U.S. Air Force. It is the longest-running humanitarian airlift in the world. The film revolves around this concept and how people who are not attached to the mission forget its importance. Also, Christmas is less snowy and more tropical here.

Directed by Martin Wood, Operation Christmas Drop follows Erica, a Congressional aid, who travels to a beachside Air Force base in order to find reasons to defund the facility. However, once there, she realises the base’s true mission and decides to help in making a difference in the world.

At times, the movie feels like it is a newer version of Aloha but with less romance and drama. It is not exactly a romantic movie per se and feels more like a long dramatized documentary. It also fails to mention the history of the mission which makes you feel that the concept is made up.

Militarys's Operation Christmas Drop

But one thing that this movie delivers perfectly is the feeling of empathy and compassion for those who are not privileged enough like the rest of us who have a roof over our heads and all the amenities we need. This movie gives you a sugar rush to work towards something that makes this world a better place.

The two good-looking leads, Kat Graham and Alexander Ludwig, have done a decent job considering the material that they were given to work with. If you have seen Graham in The Vampire Diaries, you will find her bossy attitude quite familiar, except she doesn’t have witch powers now.

Erica’s attitude, however, can get a little annoying sometimes, especially when she forces herself to act a certain way in spite of seeing all the good work being done around her. On the other hand, Andrew’s character feels too good to be true, and takes away from him relatability factor – the man apparently has no flaws! The characters have no depth whatsoever and feel one-dimensional instead of being properly fleshed out.

Netflix's Operation Christmas Drop; a movie based on military

Operation Christmas Drop‘s direction is a little confusing because, in the beginning, you would feel like the politics of Washington D.C. is going to play a major role in the movie but this is not the case at all. Also, the aesthetics of the beautiful beaches were not utilized completely. It looked like the writers were a little confused regarding the couple so they didn’t include much scenes dedicated to how they fell in love or how their lives would work if they get together. Additionally, the movie ends at an unexpected point and you are left feeling dissatisfied.

Overall: Operation Christmas Drop

Operation Christmas Drop

Operation Christmas Drop keeps going at the same pace without much to root for. As a result, it feels like a drag sometimes. This is probably not a good idea if you’re expecting a very cheesy romantic entertainer, but, if you’re in the Christmas spirit, then honestly nothing can dampen your mood!

Operation Christmas Drop is now streaming on Netflix.

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Operation Christmas Drop is Netflix's Christmas movie without much depth, but successful gives away some much-needed holiday cheer.

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