Only Jokes Allowed (2022) Review: Hits and Misses

Only Jokes Allowed or Nada Além de Piadas is a Netflix Stand-Up Special TV show with 6 episodes, each with a runtime of around 15 minutes. The show stars Schalk Bezuidenhout, Gilli Apter, Celeste Ntuli, Nina Hastie, Robby Collins, and Mpho Modikoane.

Netflix describes the series as:

Six of South Africa’s top comedians take center stage and showcase their talent in this collection of short stand-up sets.

– Only Jokes Allowed review does not contain spoilers –

Comedy shows are subjective. We know this, right? With 6 comedians out there to try to tickle our funny bones, of course, there are going to be some good and some bad experiences. But the best part of Only Jokes Allowed is the fact that the stand-up special does not make us sit and stare at one comedian for hours on end. At around 15 minutes per episode, it’s quick, it’s funny and it’s entertaining.

only jokes allowed

With a smattering of different things including sex, relationship, racism, body positivity, and whatnot, the series keeps you on your toes. With episodes this short and comedians coming and going from the stage, there’s very little time to think about the joke. Before you’re done laughing about one, the next one is already on the way. It makes for fun and entertaining television.

The jokes themselves are fine. Ntuli’s set was the strongest, her sense of humour is very unique. So was Robby Collins – his skit was wild. There’s a sense of social commentary in almost everyone’s skits which always makes jokes funnier, weirdly. Some of the comedians’ jokes, however, are downright boring. One comedian’s entire skit has very little going for it. But that’s where the short runtime comes really in handy. Don’t like it? You can just go to the next comedian within 14 minutes.

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only jokes allowed

If you’re someone who is squeamish about the “adult” themes, then this one’s not for you. Most of the comedians talk about sex and porn, it’s funny as heck but might not be for everyone. Other than sex, there are a variety of things that everyone talks about. Racism is a big topic of discussion, which is expected, again. It will make you just a smidge uncomfortable but is otherwise so funny that that is left as a distant memory.

Summing up: Only Jokes Allowed

only jokes allowed

Only Jokes Allowed consists of a variety of topics. With six comedians and each getting around 15 minutes to entertain and inspire, it’s quite interesting and funny. Some skits are better than others but it’s mostly great and too quick to notice.

No Jokes Allowed is streaming on Netflix.

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Only Jokes Allowed is a mish-mash of different jokes, each unique and each with something or the other to give to the audience.

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