One Cut Two Cut (2022) Review: Danish Sait, Prakash Belawadi Satire is Quite Funny

One Cut Two Cut is a satirical comedy film directed by Vamsidhar Bhogaraju and stars Danish Sait, Prakash Belawadi and Samyuktha Hornadu, alongside other cast members. The movie has a runtime of 90 minutes.

– One Cut Two Cut review does not contain spoilers –

One Cut Two Cut is amusing. Before the opening credits even come on-screen, we are treated to Gopi, who isn’t like men his age, him going to teach a class in the post-pandemic world and somehow a bunch of people wearing Salvador Dalí masks barge in and take the school hostage. These mask wearers are a bunch of do-gooders who want to change their own lives, and possibly the nation, but the latter comes second.

one cut two cut

One Cut Two Cut is a satire. The movie does not shy away from overdoing literally every character’s personality and the overuse of the background score to accentuate that it is, in fact, a serious or a comic situation. It’s hilarious that these people have taken the school hostage to ban Amitabh Bachchan films. I can’t even wrap my head around the notion.

Either way, satirising the fact that every piece of media these days just up and takes places hostage wearing cool masks is quite hilarious. They all make it out to be some really deep agenda but at the end of the day, it’s just for personal gain. Also, the irony of one of the men wanting to ban beef for everyone but not being on board banning alcohol for everyone – why bring your personal issues into this, as he asks? Everything is fair until it harms our own agenda, right?

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one cut two cut

One Cut Two Cut is really funny. There are several funny, over-the-top moments in the film that work because it’s a satire. Anything else, and it would’ve been so annoying. In the midst of all of this madness is a love story blossoming. It’s so funny to know why Gopi couldn’t marry the girl of her dreams but has a second chance regardless of that stupidity. It doesn’t miss our eyes that regardless of what a person studies, they might just end up working at the same dead-end job. We also see how media outlets handle these situations, opting instead to cover hula-hooping. However, the funniest part is the trope that the police are always late to emergency situations. If you ask the question why, the answer might shock you.

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one cut two cut

Starring a slew of talented actors, the characters in the film are, of course, caricatures of people we see on media. Among these slew of one-dimensional, albeit funny, characters, we get to see the most annoying tropes that exist. It however does not end in the ways that you’d expect from these characters. The end result is equally funny and shocking, especially that bit about a wedding during the end credits scene.

Summing up: One Cut Two Cut

one cut two cut

I thought One Cut Two Cut was going to be annoying. It takes a bit to start off, but it really is funny after that. The movie brings some really interesting things to the forefront and makes fun of the stupidest things out there that media throws our ways. If you like satires, this one will surely make you laugh.

One Cut Two Cut is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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One Cut Two Cut is funny and amusing and satirises some of the most annoying things that we see on mainstream media these days.

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One Cut Two Cut is funny and amusing and satirises some of the most annoying things that we see on mainstream media these days.One Cut Two Cut (2022) Review: Danish Sait, Prakash Belawadi Satire is Quite Funny