Disney’s Once Upon a Snowman Review: A Heart-Warming Short Frozen Saga

If you are a Frozen fan, you must be a big fan of Olaf, besides the magical sisters Anna and Elsa. Now Disney+ brings you the heartwarming story of Olaf the snowman in Once Upon a Snowman.

Olaf finding his identity

Olaf was born during the unforgettable emotional sequence Elsa had during the song ‘Let It Go’ when she leaves her kingdom and enjoys her powers alone on the North Mountain. She made him unconsciously as she is again as happy as she was during her childhood days and made Olaf in the past.

In both the parts of Frozen, Olaf brings cheerfulness to the screen as soon as he appears. And so the audience that is attached to Frozen is also attached to Olaf and this is not a shock that the creators are trying to cash in on this love.

If you have ever seen short films, you are aware that they have unexpectedly brilliant content. Animated short films, especially, have some really great offering but Once Upon a Snowman should not be compared to those films because it is not an independent film and is a spin-off of an already successful movie. It should only be seen as a treat for the thousands of fans of the movie around the world.

In Once Upon a Snowman, we see the backstory of Olaf and the scenes and events that we missed in both the movies. It focuses on the character building of Olaf and his journey throughout the Frozen series. Olaf remains successful to maintain the adorable, innocent and talking snowman image in this short film.

Once Upon a Snowman / Frozen

Olaf starts finding his identity in the snowy mountains surrounding Arendelle. As always, he makes you laugh with all your heart with his pure-hearted and innocent behaviour. Let’s not forget that behind this innocent creature is Josh Gad who so brilliantly expresses Olaf by being his voice and giving emotions to the animated character.

Once Upon a Snowman is a fun, light-hearted short that doesn’t have anything new to offer though. It’s cute and plays well on the nostalgia factor, but it won’t leave any long-lasting impressions on the viewer. It is definitely enjoyable and worth-watching because it takes very little of your time. It is made very simply without any twist and turns and just innocently presents to you Olaf’s journey, who has already created a place in our hearts.

Overall: Once Upon a Snowman Frozen

Once Upon a Snowman is a short that tugs at your heart-strings and doesn’t keep up its charade for too long, keeping it cute and interesting. It doesn’t bring anything new to the plate but looks and feels great and gives you some adorable Olaf action to have fun with the family.

Once Upon a Snowman is streaming on Disney+.

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Once Upon a Snowman is a Frozen spin-off which portrays Olaf's Journey throughout the Frozen series.

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