Netflix’s Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight Review: There are Always Monsters in the Woods!

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Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight premiered on 28th October 2020 on Netflix. The Polish film is directed by Bartosz M. Kowalski and written by Bartosz M. Kowalski, Jan Kwiecinski and Mirella Zaradkiewicz. The 102-minutes-long film stars Julia Wieniawa-Narkiewicz, Michal Lupa, Wiktoria Gasiewska, Stanislaw Cywka, Sebastian Dela, Gabriela Muskala, Michal Zbroja, and Malgorzata Szczerbowska alongside other cast members.

“Addicted to technology, a group of teens attend a rehabilitation camp in the forest, but a sinister force there intends to take them offline forever.”

Twin Monster Brothers

“In horror movies, when groups split up, people die,” – Julek

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Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight is set in a camp named Adrenalina situated in a forest in the middle of nowhere. Internet-addicted teens are bussed to the camp for detox with no laptops, no headphones, no social media, and no phones! As these students reach the camp, they are allotted various groups by number picking system and then group number 04 is all set to go for a camping trip for 3 days! These campers include Zosia (Julia Wieniawa-Narkiewicz), Julek (Michal Lupa), Daniel (Sebastian Dela), Bartek (Stanislaw Cywka), and Aniela (Wiktoria Gasiewska) alongside their guide Iza (Gabriela Muskawa).

Other than them, the only known population nearby this forest is a priest (Piotr Cyrwus) and an old man (Miroslaw Zbrojewicz) who lost his legs to the beast and now lives with prosthetics and fear! Things take a turn when suddenly one of the campers disappears and everyone is scared. What follows is blood-and-guts almost everywhere with the beasts almost unleashed! The follow-point of the film is – who will make it out alive?

  • Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight
  • Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight
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Belonging to the horror genre, Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight isn’t exactly the film you’ll want to watch for chills. It is more of that film which you might have seen in your childhood and was scary at that point but not today! The film mostly lacks a character arc. Other than the twin-beasts and a bit of Zosia, you don’t know any other character, not even their full names. Therefore, their death doesn’t make you sympathize with them. Moreover, from the very start, you know their destiny and hence comes the factor of predictability.

The film is predictable and not scary overall as everything about it, ranging from the setup to the beasts, are seen before. The only thing that’ll shock you here is the homophobic priest and nothing else. The gore is high in the film, but with no comedy or any additional factors to balance the gore, it can feel like a bit too much. That balance is as necessary as something salty after sweet! Clearly, the film did not aim at creating any balance but to serve the viewers with the sight of blood-and-guts flowing out of people grotesquely.

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In the year where series like The Haunting Of The Bly Manor are making rolls, Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight fails to work the charm in every possible way. The film is not special and neither does it make an effort to be. Thus, there is no reason for horror-fans to look out for this in any given situation.

Stream It or Skip It

Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight

SKIP IT! Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight is a film with zero chills and won’t make you want to turn the volume down or look away or even make you gasp! It is bland and requires a lot of flavours as the story is just re-written! The film can be labelled as a horror film as it does not suffice in any other genre, but it blatantly fails the genre too!

Nobody Sleeps In The Woods Tonight is Now streaming on Netflix.

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‘Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight' does not evoke a gasp, much less a horrifying experience. There's not much going for this movie except for its cliched redoing of movies past.


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