No Time To Die Actor Daniel Craig Reveals The Last Scene He Filmed As James Bond

Hollywood star Daniel Craig, who played 007 for the fifth and final time in ‘No Time To Die’, has recalled his last shoot for the espionage blockbuster, which was actually for a moment much earlier in the movie. Appearing on ‘The Jess Cagle Podcast’, Danirl Craig talked about his last filmed moment as James Bond which was rather shocking for the viewers to know.

Daniel Craig said: “The last thing was during the Cuban sequence. We didn’t, unfortunately, get a chance to go to Cuba, we had to fake it, which they did beautifully (at) Pinewood. I’m with a character called (Valdo Obruchev, played by David Dencik), an evil scientist, and I grab him and we walk down an alleyway and it’s misted up. Basically, I disappear around an alleyway and that was my last scene as Bond. It wasn’t particularly spectacular. There were no explosions or car chases – it was a simple ‘walk away from camera, and cut’ That’s it.”

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However, it was still emotional saying goodbye as Craig had to deliver a speech when everyone turned up to mark his final scene, reports

He said: “What usually happens is it’s sort of this anticlimax at the end of a film. Everybody’s usually so tired and all we wanna do is get home. You kinda say goodbye to each other and say, ‘We’ll see you around’ and that’s it. ‘Goodnight, it’s been great, thank you very much’, and maybe get a chance to get a drink. So it sort of felt a little bit like that.”

But suddenly, everybody, all of the people in the office’s who were working late – in fact, most of them stayed late. “All of the crew, all of the heads of department, all of the actors around all came to set. So suddenly there was 200 people on set. That floored me, that completely floored me”, Daniel Craig added.

He then had to address the crew, and he admitted the enormity of the situation got to him. Craig said: “I hate making speeches. I was like, ‘Oh God, now I’m gonna have to say something’.

I tried to keep it together, and I tried to – actually, what really moved me so much was the fact that everybody turned up and I realised how important that family has been for me over the years, and how important sharing that experience with all these people that been. That broke me at that point – that’s what I’ll miss most, I think. You can imagine – it’s a massive collaborative effort, doing a Bond movie.”

‘No Time To Die’ is now running in theatres near you. You can also read a completely spoiler-free review for the last Daniel Craig movie as James Bond by clicking here.

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