No Regrets In Life Episode 1 Recap: A Start Filled With Friendship, Love and Heartbreak

No Regrets in Life (Love Happened in Three Days, 愛情發生在三天後) is a Taiwanese romance-drama TV series directed by Fung Kai and starring Annie Chen, Liu Guan Ting, Shih Ming-shuai, Summer Meng, JC Lin, and Aggie Hsieh, alongside other cast members. The series will be 13 episodes long, airing new episodes every Saturday from June 18, 2022. No Regrets in Life episode 1 has a runtime of 71 minutes.

Netflix describes this show as:

An ill-fated college couple accidentally becomes a viral sensation after a fight. Now, they must figure out how they feel – with the world watching.

-No Regrets in Life Episode 1 Recap contains spoilers-

No regrets in Life episode 1 starts off with the protagonists meeting for a brief moment, seemingly finding closure and recalling their regrets before separating. We are then taken 8 years back in time when they were in college as a part of a group of friends who called themselves the Nine Suns.

We see their fun and carefree side, as they go to a concert where Ning You Zhu (Annie Chen) confesses her feeling to Wang Yan, (Liu Guan Ting). But, this goes awry when Wang Yan asks her to wait for three days before giving her an answer, which hurts and angers Ning You Zhu.

no regrets in life episode 1
Still From No Regrets in Life Episode 1

The scene then shifts to 8 years later at a reunion of the Nine Suns, where the friends try to get Ning You Zhu and Wang Yan to talk to each other so that they can resolve their past. However, things don’t seem to go the way they want and the two are unable to have a conversation due to Ning You Zhu’s anger and Wang Yan’s hesitation.

During the reunion, we see that Ning You Zhu is still angry about what Wang Yan did 8 years back and hasn’t been able to get over him. The reason she attended this reunion was to prove that she was over Wang Yan while also provoking him when she gets the chance.

Later, one of the friends plays a video for the group consisting of pictures from their college years. This takes us to a flashback of Ning You Zhu and Wang Yan’s days together and how they became friends. We see the bold and straightforward personality of Ning You Zhu and the shy but always conceding Wang Yan.

This triggers Ning You Zhu and results in her leaving the reunion while pointing out the plan her friends had schemed. And while Wang Yan runs behind her, she stops in the middle and no longer follows her.

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no regrets in life episode 1
Still From No Regrets in Life Episode 1

The scene shifts to Wang Yan running into Ning You Zhu shopping and he decides to build up his courage and speak to her. He follows her and soon catches up to her in the metro and tries to talk about their past. He asks her why she didn’t attend their graduation ceremony or come to college for those three days.

They continue to argue while leaving the metro station, stopping right outside as they fight in public with everyone witnessing their fight. While Wang Yan tells her that he needed those three days to think, Ning You Zhou refutes back saying that it is not love if it needs to think about it.

The argument escalates when Wang Yan tells her that she never loved him and only made him waste those three days – even four years of his life. This triggers Ning You Zhou, leading her to get physical and bite him. She then throws a stuffed toy from a bystander and continues hitting him, ignoring the fact that the people around them are taking pictures and videos of the two.

Witnessing this scene, their friends, who had followed them, hide and later go to meet the two separately.

no regrets in life episode 1
Still From No Regrets in Life Episode 1

However, it is known that Wang Yan is having a hard time in his married life and is on the verge of getting a divorce. Meanwhile, although Ning You Zhou is still angry with her friends, she still lets them in her house and gets drunk with them.

The next morning, Ning You Zhou and Wang Yan are surprised to find that a video of them fighting outside the metro station has gone viral and has become hot news. Wherever they go, this is a topic of discussion which lead to Ning You Zhou starting a livestream in an attempt to try and get the netizens to stop making this so big.

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No Regrets in Life Episode 1 Ending

no regrets in life episode 1
Still From No Regrets in Life Episode 1

We once again are taken to a flashback and are now at the scene of the concert after Ning You Zhou has left. The Nine Suns group wonders where Ning You Zhou has gone and asks Wang Yan about her whereabouts. He is unable to answer them and is soon provoked by Si Ma Yao (Hank Wang) who calls him a coward for not being able to confess to Ning You Zhou. He then tells Wang Yan that he can teach him how to confess and get Ning You Zhou in just one night – calling her easy to get. This results in the two fighting in the middle of the concert.

The next morning Wang Yan goes to meet Ning You Zhou when he sees her with Si Ma Yao and misunderstands the two to be flirting. He is heartbroken and then leaves the scene on his bicycle.

No Regrets in Life Episode 1 Review

No Regrets in Life episode 1 has shown that this series is going to be filled with a bunch of misunderstandings, hesitation, anger, love and heartbreak. The show is like a rollercoaster- from the sweet feeling we get from their friendship to the sad fate of our protagonists. The first episode has given us a lot to look forward to and is definitely going to make us want to hit the protagonists.

no regrets in life episode 1
Still From No Regrets in Life Episode 1

While I did like the bold and straightforward personality of Ning You Zhou, I’m not so impressed with her lack of patience which resulted in the 8-year fallout of her friendship with Wang Yan. Sure, that age is not one of patience, but we cannot neglect that her pride came in the middle when she didn’t get an instant answer from Wang Yan.

Similarly, Wang Yan may seem like a nice guy, but he is in a way creating problems for himself. I really felt annoyed when I saw him continuing a marriage that is toxic to the extent of having boundaries drawn all over his house.

Regardless the show isn’t something that I would want to miss because the relationship between the two going viral is really humorous and I’m all in for this show.

No Regrets in Life is available to watch on Netflix.

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