Nicole Kidman on Shooting The Northman in Northern Ireland, “Thought I’d Be Blown Over By the Wind”

The popular Hollywood star Nicole Kidman has an extraordinary movie career with a number of accolades under her name from an Oscar, two Emmys, a SAG Award and a BAFTA. As reported by variety, she also has a fifth Academy Award nomination next week for her work as Lucille Ball in ‘Being the Ricardos’. Nicole Kidman even acknowledges that her road to today has also encountered several bumps. “I had that sort of in my early thirties where I was like, ‘Right, I think this is kind of going to be it’,” the actor mentions on today’s episode of the “Just for Variety” podcast.

“And then I had it again at 40. And so I’ve run that gamut where you just go, ‘Now’s the time that I’m going to be put out to pasture’.” Nicole Kidman did not fear losing her fame but the thought of not being able to pursue her art scared her deeply. “That feels at times like a gut wrenching,” says Nicole Kidman.

“And then going, ‘Okay, well I got to find other things that interest me that I love’. That’s the journey of life, isn’t it? And then suddenly going, ‘This has blossomed … or this has opened up, and now I have this chance to do something’.”

“So it’s always been like this, and I know it will always be like that. I’m on the ride.”

In the Aaron Sorkin-written and directed ‘Being the Ricardos’, she plays Lucille Ball during a week-long production of one episode of “I Love Lucy” Javier Bardem plays Desi Arnaz.

In one flashback scene, Ball is shown losing her contract at RKO Pictures. She was 39 at the time, but she gets her career back after doing a hit radio show. At the time, the radio felt like a step-down.

“She turns that failure into a success, which then leads to (‘I Love Lucy’), which then leads to her being able to say, ‘You give Desi this job’. And the only reason he’s not a movie star is because he’s Cuban and I’m going to advocate for him to get it because he deserves it.”

“Not because he is my husband, but because he’s so talented and we are great together.”

Nicole Kidman continues, “That’s the engine in the story, where you’re seeing a person just survive and move into the greatest period of her life, and then real life collides and all of those other things happen as well.”

Check Out The Trailer of Being the Ricardos:

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Before she shot ‘Being the Ricardos’, Kidman was in Northern Ireland filming Robert Eggers’ upcoming action epic “The Northman” The shoot was “extremely cold (and) extremely muddy,” but she’s not complaining.

“I loved it! I arrived on the mountain and I was like, Rrrrraaah!” she says, raising her arms above her head. She plays Norse Queen Gudruun in the Viking drama. “I thought I’d be blown over by the wind, but I was like, aRrrraaah!’ It felt good.”

Take A Look At Nicole Kidman’s The Northman Trailer:

Although a release date hasn’t been announced, Nicole Kidman hopes audiences will see “The Northman” in theatres.

“We want those theatres to survive,” she says. “We want those theatres to be there so you can go and sit in a theatre and watch a film. I love doing that. I love doing it with my family.”

Also coming up is the sequel to ‘Aquaman‘ where she returns as the titular superhero’s (Jason Momoa) mother.

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