New Movies of 2021: Our Favourites From the Lot

It’s July 2021 and you don’t know which movies to watch? Let’s face it, there are new ones releasing every single day on different OTT platforms. So, which new movies of 2021 should you start with? Without further ado, here are some of the new movies 2021 that you must watch right now!

The 8th Night

Ok, I know I am a bit partial when it comes to horror movies. However, The 8th Night isn’t like your typical run of the mill horror movie that you get to see every day. This Netflix film will give you sleepless nights. Read our review for further proof of that!

Watch it here.

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Jagame Thandhiram

A movie with an excellent star cast and storyline that touches your heart, Jagame Thandhiram is excellent. The story isn’t new, but the execution and the action are so good that it stays with you long after it is done. This new Netflix movie is an absolute must-watch.

Read the review here, or watch the movie here.

Godzilla vs Kong

Rarely have I had so much fun that I had while watching two prehistoric creatures fight it out in front of everyone. It’s an epic and fun watch – one that you should experience as well. Godzilla vs Kong is absolutely entertaining and one of those new movies 2021 that will excite you no matter your age.

Watch it here.

The Mitchells vs the Machines

Fun, wholesome and lots of sci-fi, The Mitchells vs the Machines is a fun and entertaining ride throughout its runtime. I loved the Mitchells and, surprisingly, I loved the machines too. Definitely, a new Netflix movie that you must watch.

Watch it here.

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Bo Burnham Inside

A surprising outcome of an otherwise insufferable year, Bo Burnham Inside came into our homes and created a place in our hearts.

Read our review here, or watch it here.

The Great Indian Kitchen

The Great Indian Kitchen is a refreshing take at patriarchy and the problems that women face every day at home. This endearing drama will bring a smile to your face, but will make your blood boil as well.

Watch it here.


Hands-down a movie that made me cry but also thrilled me to my bone, Recalled is so good. I can’t say enough about it. Rather, read the review here.

That’s about it for the best new movies of 2021. Tell us in the comments below which we missed and your favourite picks from the lot!

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